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Why Not? Day 10 Submit Your Manuscript. Go Ahead.

“Why Not? Day 10 Submit Your Manuscript. Go Ahead” by Joan Y. Edwards

  1. You’ve written sentences.


    Why Not image Copyright © 2017 Joan Y. Edwards

  2. You’ve written paragraphs.
  3. You’ve written an article, poem, short story, manuscript, screenplay.
  4. You’ve written a title.
  5. You’ve written a pitch.
  6. You’ve revised your writing at least three times.
  7. You’ve had your work critiqued by a critique group, a writing partner, and/or a professional editor. You’ve decided which suggestions you’ll honor and revised your manuscript again. You’ve proofread it and had others to proofread it, too.
  8. You’ve picked out one publisher or agent.
  9. You’ve written your query/cover letter.


Reread the guidelines of the publisher, agent, or contest you’ve chosen. Make sure you are following them.
Proofread your manuscript.
Proofread your query/cover letter.
If appropriate, proofread your proposal or story summary.

If you have decided that this is as good as you can possibly get it with the information you have, the talents you have, and the understanding that you have, go for it. Submit your manuscript! Say a prayer. Go ahead. Do it. Submit your manuscript.

I call this Pub Subbing. Here are the links to the three weeks before you submit during the third week. Of course, you can speed up this process or slow it down to suit your situation.

Pub Subbers
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 10 blog posts to help you get from story idea to submission. You can also use these ideas to help you get your illustrations ready to submit, too. You can put illustrations on a post card with your contact information and send it to a long list of publishers and agents. Please share them with your Facebook friends or with your Twitter accounts. 

  1. “Why Not? Day 1 Write. Go ahead:” http://wp.me/pFnvK-3t0/
  2. “Why Not? Day 2 Write a Sentence. Go ahead.” http://wp.me/pFnvK-3u1
  3. “Why Not? Day 3 Write a Paragraph. Go Ahead.” http://wp.me/pFnvK-3uf
  4. “Why Not? Day 4 Write a Snappy Title. Go Ahead:” http://wp.me/pFnvK-3wG
  5. “Why Not? Day 5 Write a Pitch. Go Ahead:” http://wp.me/pFnvK-3xh
  6. “Why Not? Day 6 Revise Your Writing. Go Ahead.” http://wp.me/pFnvK-3xl
  7. “Why Not? Day 7 Get Your Writing Critiqued. Go Ahead:” http://wp.me/pFnvK-3xj
  8. “Why Not? Day 8 Make a List of Good Publishers. Go Ahead:” http://wp.me/pFnvK-3xp
  9. “Why Not? Day 9 Write a Query Letter or Cover Letter. Go Ahead:” http://wp.me/pFnvK-3xm
  10. “Why Not? Day 10 Submit Your Manuscript. Go Ahead:” http://wp.me/pFnvK-3xw

Thank you for reading my blog. I believe there may be a problem with the emails. I don’t believe many of you have been receiving emails when new blog posts are published. Please leave a comment and let me know whether or not you’re receiving emails. 


Never Give Up
Live with Enthusiasm
Celebrate Each Step You Take

Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © 2017 Joan Y. Edwards


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Pub Subbing Leads the Way to Publication!

Pub Sub 2015a
“Pub Subbing Leads the Way to Publication!” by Joan Y. Edwards
In 2009 I started Pub Sub. At that time, I called it PubSub3rdFri to designate the third week of the month as a great time to send out a manuscript. I said to myself, “It would be more fun to have people to submit with me.”

Having a group of people with like desires and goals has a way of making each member accountable for submitting. It makes you put your action where your mouth is. It makes you do what you say you’re going to do. It has been proven, that when people say things out loud or write them down, they are more likely to do them.

Another thing I wanted to do, of course, was to encourage others to submit so they wouldn’t give up along the road.

After I started the group, I realized I and other writers and illustrators need a plan of action…a detailed plan of action. After all, if your goal is to be a published writer and all of your manuscripts stay under your pillow, in a drawer, or in a virtual file on the computer, you won’t get closer to publication. Why? Because you have to do certain things in a special order to get published. I can tell you that pub subbing beats hands down in comparison with not submitting. It’s 100% more successful than not submitting.

In 2004 I self-published Flip Flap Floodle forty-nine years after I made up the story at five years old. When I was twenty-eight and expecting my first daughter, Lorrie, I started submitting to publishers. After I retired from teaching, I set a goal to submit 5 more years. If no positive responses, I would show my belief in my writing by self-publishing it. Everyone I submitted to said, “No, No. No.” So I self-published in 2004.

In 2011, two years after I formed Pub Sub, I got a contract with 4RV Publishing by submitting my pitch and book proposal for Joan’s Elder Care Guide. (It was released on April 15, 2016.)

Here are four writers who’ve told me how Pub Subbing helped them:

“Your encouragement to be a Pub Subber has led to my signing a contract.”
…Joy Moore

“Pub Sub posts are full of helpful writing tips and lists of publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts. Group members provide encouragement for each other, which keeps us going. Recently, I won a contest here which granted a critique of pitch and cover letter. After making changes, I submitted. Thank you Pub Sub and Joan Edwards.  This blog and group is a gift to writers!”
Linda Andersen, http://www.lindamartinandersen.wordpress.com/

“I write, but I need to be primed and probed to stay accountable. Your constant reminders help keep me on track-even when I don’t respond. Thank you.”
…Mona Pease, http://monapease.blogspot.com/

“I echo Mona’s comments. Plus I enjoy the camaraderie of the group. Thanks for running it, Joan.”
Sarah Maury Swan, Terror’s Identity, http://www.sablebooks.org

Believe in you and your talents. If you drop your belief and doubt, things get a little shaky. Keep filling your mind with practical possibility thinking.

If I can do it, you can do it. If you have a goal in your heart, I believe God put it there and will help you get there. However, you have to keep on going. You have to take action to get there. God won’t do it all for you. He wants you to believe in the talents and abilities he has given you. He wants you to take them out of the hole where you hid them. First thing you have to do is set faith statements in your head. Without these, you’ll get tripped up along the way or be running in place.

“I am a great writer.”
“I am a great illustrator.”
“I am published by a traditional publisher.”

Now, you’re ready for the next 10 Pub Sub steps to publication:

  1. Write a pitch/logline/summary
  2. Write a manuscript. (Don’t get it critiqued until it’s finished and you’ve done at least one revision. Why? Because you may listen to too many other voices and not your inner gut voice. Finish it. You can do it.)
  3. Get your manuscript critiqued by a critique partner or a critique group, chapter by chapter, or the chapters you believe you need the most help.
  4. When it’s the best you can do at this particular time with knowledge and skills you have, send it to one or more Beta Readers.
  5. If you have the funds, pay a professional editor. Ask for titles of books he has edited in your manuscript’s genre.  Make sure you like what they’ve done.  Someone who does an outstanding job of editing picture books might not do as well with Romance novels.
  6. Find a publisher or agent who accepts unsolicited manuscripts.
  7. Write a query or cover letter, if non-fiction, write a proposal, too.
  8. Submit your cover letter and manuscript or submit a query letter.
  9. Celebrate.
  10. Live.
    11. Start the process over again. Don’t wait until you get a reply to start a new project. Write a pitch/logline/summary.

If you’d like to join our Pub Subbers group, send me an email to joanyedwards1@gmail.com and tell me about your writing and why you’d like to join. I’ll send you an invitation from Yahoo groups.

You can Pub Sub on your own. Many people set up their own schedule and go to the links below to help them where they are on the path to publication!  Good luck in meeting your publication goals. The following links will help you!

Pub Subbers

Week 1 Find a publisher. Get one last critique of your manuscript and pitch.
Week 2 Write your cover letter, query letter, and/or proposal
Week 3 Make revisions on manuscript, letters, proposal. Print out. Check over. Correct errors. Follow publisher or agent guidelines. Submit.
Week 4 Celebrate your courage in submitting. Live. Write another story.

On Friday, December 18, 2015, my Never Give Up blog passed 300,000 views!

Oh my goodness! Can you believe it! Six years! It started out small and got bigger each year.

To celebrate you and me and how pleased and honored I am that you read my blog, I gave all eleven people who left a comment between December 20, 2015 and midnight December 31, 2015, a choice of a free critique of 1000 words or a logo design with their name and blog or website on it. Their names are in the comment area and in a new post.

Believe in you!
Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © 2015 Joan Y. Edwards


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Submit the Very Best Quality Manuscript You Can, But Submit

Pub Sub

“Submit the Best Quality Manuscript You Can, But Submit” by Joan Y. Edwards

I know. You are wondering when is the best time to submit your manuscript. You want to submit this month.

You’ve gone through 7 revisions. Your critique group/partner has critiqued it. You’ve made more revisions. Is your manuscript ready?

If you can say, the following words in all honesty, submit your manuscript:

“This is the best I can do with this manuscript with the knowledge and skills I have right now,”

If not, do what you know needs to be done. Then submit it.

Have you lost your passion for your story?

Have one of your main characters write a letter to you, the author, telling why he wants you to finish the story. Let him tell you what he believes the story needs. The character can ask you questions, too.

Cover these areas in the letter from a character in your manuscript:

1. Story Concept: Logline: Short selling pitch of one or two sentences
2. Short Selling Pitch Summary: 25-60 words
3. Plot

  • Ordinary Day
  • Inciting incident with new goal to solve a really big problem
  • First failure
  • Second failure
  • Third failure
  • Fight
  • Win/Lose
  • What’s it like on the new ordinary day

4. Characters

  • Tell what he wants to do, what he wants to happen
  • Does he want to add new characters?
  • Does he want to take out characters that don’t help or hinder the reaching of the goal.

5. Is the formatting, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure good?

Now write the character back answering his questions and tell him when you will have the manuscript ready to submit. Do your best to keep your word.

Take a chance on you.
Believe in you.
Submit that manuscript.

If you get your manuscript to the quality/best you can do stage, then you are ready to start Week 1 of Pub Subbers. Do all the Steps for Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. They take you to getting your manuscript submitted.

Learn more about Pub Subbers: https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/pubsubbers/

Has using the Pub Subbers plan helped you?

Please let me know.

Celebrate you.
Write. Write. Write.
Never Give Up

Copyright © 2013 Joan Y. Edwards


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Be Smart! Submit Your Manuscript

Copyright © 2013 Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2013 Joan Y. Edwards

“Be Smart! Submit Your Manuscript” by Joan Y. Edwards

Okay. I admit it. Last year I didn’t submit a manuscript every month. However, I did submit. What you and I do sometimes is focus on what we didn’t do. I want you to focus on being proud of your efforts, even if the Pub Subbers hopscotch has 12 spaces (one for each month) and you stepped out of the box in space 1. So what! Love yourself where you are. By loving yourself, you’ll keep moving forward. When you think in shoulds – I should have done this. I should have done that – you may become frozen to the spot and do nothing.

The point I’m trying to make is sometimes you don’t give yourself credit for all you’re doing. Sometimes you’re doing little things to help your writing career that are not clearly in the box called manuscript submissions. Sometimes you’re dealing with crisis situations in your life. Other times you may have different priorities for your time. Honor yourself and keep believing you’ll be published by a traditional publisher or whatever kind of publisher you want.

Know that you are a great writer and you will be published:
…even though you take detours
…even though you don’t submit a manuscript every month
…even though no one in your critique group understands your story

Remember what happens in real life, occurs in your mind first. Believe and imagine the good things you want to happen. You have to believe it. You have to imagine it.

It takes courage to share your work with a critique group. It takes guts to ask to present a workshop in person or online. It takes determination to raise your family and write, too. However, you can do it. I believe in you. God believes in you.

When your manuscript is the best that it can be right now, submit it.  This means that you’ve gone through at least 3-7 revisions. You’ve had your critique group read every chapter. They’ve given you positive feedback and places where the story is confusing or needs correction.

Let it sit in a special writers’ crock pot by itself for a couple of weeks. While it’s in there, your subconscious mind heats up new ideas on how to make it better. Or put it in the cellar for two weeks. Like great wine, when you read it later you’ll be amazed at the really great parts. You might say to yourself, “Did I write that? Wow! That’s pretty good.”

On the other hand, you may find parts where you say to yourself, “Oh my goodness. Did I write that? This is not good. I’m surprised I didn’t catch that error two weeks ago. My critique partners didn’t catch it, either.”

That’s when you’ll change it to a higher level of satisfaction with improved writing skill.

To help you decipher smart things for professional, soon to be published writers to do, I’ve devised an exercise. First, I listed 10 Smart things for writers to do. Then I’ve listed 10 Not So Smart things for writers to do. Can you rewrite the Not So Smart ones to Smart ones?

Smart things for writers to do.

  1. Read books that teach you how to improve a writing or marketing skill.
  2. Read books in your genre.
  3. Live. Travel. Study. Write about your experiences.
  4. Set the timer and write 10 minutes a day. Chances are you’ll get into it and write longer.
  5. Have a critique partner or group read your work and point out three Blue Ribbon Passages (the great parts), tell you where the meaning is not clear, and any errors in spelling, word usage, and punctuation.
  6. Visualize yourself autographing a copy of your book in a bookstore or writing conference.
  7. Study the current online submission guidelines for publishers and/or agents you believe are a good match for you and your manuscript.
  8. Study the query letters and cover letters of published authors.
  9. Study the body language of your family, friends, and strangers
  10. Submit the same story to publishers and agents who accept simultaneous submissions.

NOT SO SMART things for writers to do. Silly Sally did all the things listed below. Can you change these to Smart things for her to do so she can get published? Then she can be called “Smart Sally.”

  1. Submit your manuscript without having someone critique it.
  2. Submit your first draft.
  3. Submit your non-fiction book to a publisher of only hot fiction romance.
  4. Submit your manuscript without checking it for spelling errors that spell-check software won’t find.
  5. Submit your manuscript in April when the submission guidelines said to submit only during October and November.
  6. Submit your manuscript to all five agents at a literary agency.
  7. Submit the only copy of your manuscript.
  8. Print and submit your manuscript without reading it for errors.
  9. Send your manuscript by email when the publisher accepts only snail mail submissions.
  10. Go swimming at the YMCA to write a documentary about how the YMCA has improved the health of America, but don’t write the story.
Small Badge Pub Sub 3rd Fri

I am a PubSub3rdFri Participant

Below are Pub Subbers (PubSub3rdFri) Step-by-Step directions for submission to a publisher, agent, or contest:

  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3 Pub Subbers aim for submitting a manuscript on the Third Friday of the month, but earlier or later is fine.
  • Week 4

Thank you for reading my blog. Richard M. Voza left a comment on June 14, 2013 saying he wished someone would write his query letter for him.

There were contests with this blog post. The winners are in the comments area.

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Celebrate you.
Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2013 Joan Y. Edwards

50 Publishers Who Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts

The Signs 41

Copyright © 2013-2018 Joan Y. Edwards and Her Licensors.

“50 Publishers Who Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts” by Joan Y. Edwards

Updated March 1, 2018.

Your revised and edited manuscripts are saying:

“Send me to a publisher.  Send me. Send me. I’m ready!”

It’s okay if in the past you didn’t submit your work. Forget the past. Focus on right now. Check the guidelines for the publisher you’ve chosen. Look at the books they published. Do you like the illustrations on the covers? Are the books appealing to you?

If you’re like me, one of your stories says, “Send me to a publisher. Send me. Send me. I’m ready!” It’s waited anxiously for submission for days, months, or years. Now is the time to send your manuscript to a publisher. How can you turn down your sweet manuscript?

What? You’ve decided to do it now. Hurray!

It’s important to follow the very latest guidelines on the publisher’s website. Does this publisher accept unsolicited manuscripts?  Do they want paper or online submissions? Are there certain months, they don’t accept submissions?

Some companies may offer you the opportunity to self-publish or vanity publish with them. Don’t do it. Go to a traditional publisher who does not charge you money for anything. 


 1. Algora Publishing (Adults, Non-fiction

Algora is an academic-type press, publishing general nonfiction for the educated reader. We publish works by American and international authors.

Subjects relating to anthropology, business/economics, creative nonfiction, diplomacy, education, government/politics, health/medicine, history, language/literature, military/war/peace, music, nature, philosophy, political economics, secular analysis of religion, science, sociology, translations, travel-foreign experiences, women’s issues/studies may be considered.

1a.Baen Books (Adults) Submission Guidelines Specialized

Baen Books is a science fiction and fantasy publisher. It accepts unsolicited manuscripts for all books and prefers electronic submissions through its manuscript-submission form. Baen is very accepting of new authors and has a large e-publishing department.

2. Blaze Vox Books (Adults) Submission Guidelines – poetry and fiction submissions.

3. Chelsea Green Publishing (Adults) Submission Guidelines Specialized.

Chelsea Green specializes in books that promote the “politics and practice of sustainable living.”

4. Gibbs Smith Nonfiction and Children’s Books.

Our main emphasis is on interior designarchitecturechildren’s, and cookbooks. Additionally, we accept submissions in the following subjects: arts and craftswestern humor with general appealgeneral humor, and gift books.

We are accepting submissions for children’s activity books, board books, and picture books.

5. Chicago Review Press (Adults) Nonfiction, Memoirs

Chicago Review Press publishes nonfiction in the following categories: African American interest, autobiography/biography, DIY, film, food and drink (not cookbooks), history, music, parenting, politics, popular culture, popular science, social science, sports, regional (Midwest), nature/outdoor/travel, true crime, and women’s interest.

6. Diversion Books (Adults)

Fiction: Romance (contemporary and historical), Thrillers, Mysteries, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Young Adult 

Non-Fiction: Business, Sports, Health, True Crime, and platform-based general interest titles 

FAQs about Diversion Books

7. Harlequin Romance

8. Hub City Press Adult

Hub City Press publishes books of literary fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, regional nonfiction, nature, and art.  Uses Submittable Software for submissions.

Hub City Press is not looking for submissions in the following categories: romance, science fiction, true crime, mystery, cookbooks, how-to books, horror/paranormal or specific-religion inspirational books. We also can no longer accept queries for poetry collections. We do not publish books for young people (YA, middle grade or children’s).

9. Joffe Books (Adult Novels)

  • Mysteries, Crime Fiction, Psychological Thrillers, Detective, Thrillers, and Suspense, are favourite genres
  • We’re not into kids books, sci-fi, non-fiction, conspiracy theories, or erotic (unless it’s amazing like Anais Nin) 

10. Kensington Publishing Corporation (Adults) Fiction and Non-Fiction. See this submission page for more information.

We are currently not accepting Children’s, Middle Grade, Young Adult or Poetry submissions.

11. NCM Publishing (Adults and Young Adult)

NCM editors are seeking tasteful provocative, intelligent fiction manuscripts in the areas of sexuality and erotica, romance, urban and street, science fiction, Christian fiction, and general interest, as well as nonfiction, and lively stories of all genres of fiction for the general population between the ages of 18 and older (as well as Young Adult fiction). 

Along with your submission, please include a book marketing and promotions plan. 

12. McFarland Books

Non-Fiction only. McFarland welcomes proposals for nonfiction manuscripts on a wide range of subjects, not limited to the following: popular culture and performing arts (especially film, television, dance, gaming), military history (especially World War II and Civil War), international studies, health topics, sports (especially baseball, boxing, American football), automotive (and planes and trains), literary studies (including both classic and genre fiction, mystery, SF, fantasy, horror), medieval studies, mythology, folklore, and women’s and gender studies. Multicontributor manuscripts and edited collections of essays are welcome. We suggest you browse our catalog to get a feel for our offerings.

13. Press 53 (Adults poetry and short stories)

Uses Submittable Software for submissions.

14. Regal Crest Non-Fiction (Adults)

Topics of interest to both alternative (GLBTQ) readers as well as mainstream readers including, but not limited to humor, popular culture, current events and politics, psychology, erotica, education, health, sports, travel, pets, biography and memoir, social issues, and history. We are also interested in anthologies and How-To books (such as writing instruction), and depending upon the approach, we may also be interested in topics in the fields of business, sociology, and religion.

15. Persea Publishing (Adult and Young Adult)

We publish literary novels and short story collections, creative nonfiction, memoir, essays, biography, literary criticism, books on contemporary issues (multicultural, feminist, LGBT), and literary and multicultural anthologies that are assigned in secondary and university classrooms.

16 Redleaf Press (Adults Caring for or Teaching Children)

Established in 1973, Redleaf Press is a leading nonprofit publisher of exceptional curriculum, management, and business resources for early childhood professionals. 

17. Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications (Adults)

18. Sky Horse Publishing (Adult Non-Fiction)

19. City Lights Press (Adult, Young Adult, New Adult)

20. Poets and Writers Small Presses Database for Poets and Writers (Adult)

Search for small publishers who publish poetry or collections of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction (memoir), etc. You can filter the genres and it will show you your choices.

 Adults and Children

21. Arthur A. Levine Books (Adults and Children)

22. August Books (Adults and Children) Adult books about storytelling and collections of folktales.

Adults  For our general trade line, we are interested in acquiring books related to folktales, stories from the oral tradition, stories from diverse cultures, scary stories and resource books about using stories or storytelling in the classroom. 

 Children For our LittleFolk children’s picture-book line, we are seeking single-story manuscripts that feature traditional folktales.

23. Dreaming Big Publications Submission Guidelines

(Calling for Submissions) Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Children

24. Familius (Adults and Children)

Familius is a mission-driven company. We believe that the family is the fundamental unit of society, and all of our books reflect that in some way. Our categories include parenting, marriage, family fun, education, cooking, health and wellness, children’s books, and fiction for both adults and young adults. Basically, if your book can help us achieve our mission of helping families be happy, we want to talk to you.

25. Free Spirit Publishing (Children, Teens, Parents, Educators, Counselors)

Free Spirit Publishing publishes high-quality nonfiction books and learning materials for children, teens, parents, educators, counselors, and others who live and work with young people.

26. Sterling Publishing (Adult and Children)


27. Stone Pier Press (Adult and Children)

We’re looking for books about good food; books that inspire support for climate-friendly, agriculturally sustainable, and good-for-us eating. We tilt toward stories that feature solutions and problem-solvers. But what’s most important is that your book inspire greener eating, and be a really good read.

We’ll consider narrative nonfiction, guidebooks, memoirs, young adult novels, biographies, and children’s books. Among the books we’re developing is a handbook for the backyard carbon farmer, the intensifying hunt for a humane burger, and a funny kid’s book that kicks off a barnyard rescue series by introducing a pig named Sprig.

28. TCK Publishing (Adult and Children)

Fiction and Non-Fiction

29. Woodbine House (Adult and will consider Children) (Marketing Plan)

Mostly publishes books for parents of disabilities and special needs, but said they would look at submissions for children’s books, too.


30. Albert Whitman & Company (Children)

Picture book manuscripts for ages 2-8. Novels and chapter books for ages 8-12. Young adult novels. Nonfiction for ages 3-12 and YA. Art samples showing pictures of children.

31. Boyds Mills (Children)

Boyds Mills is the trade book division of Highlights for Children: publishes a wide range of high-quality titles for young readers—fiction and nonfiction picture books, middle grade and young teen fiction, and nonfiction novels. 

32. Calkins Creek (Children)

Division of Highlights for Children: publishes both nonfiction and historical fiction picture books and novels that introduce children to the many people, places, and events that have shaped US history. Calkins Creek titles present multiple points of view through original and extensive research, and each innovative and skillfully written book uses primary sources, such as timelines, bibliographies, historical notes, and glossaries.

33. Charlesbridge (Children)

Charlesbridge offers free activities and downloadable items:  http://www.charlesbridge.com/client/client_pages/downloadables.cfm

34. Chronicle Books (Children)


35. Dawn Publications (Children)

Dawn publishes “nature awareness” titles for children. Our picture books are intended to encourage an appreciation for nature and a respectful participation in it. We are seeking to inspire children as well as educate them. An inspired child is a motivated.

36. Dial Books For Young Readers (Children)

37. Flashlight Press (Children)

Flashlight accepts only picture books.

38. Guardian Angel Publishing (Children)

Open to submissions only from AUGUST 1, 2018 to AUGUST 31, 2018.

39. Highlights for Children (Children)

Highlights for Children Magazine, High Five Magazine, Hello Magazine, Hidden picture puzzles.

40. Holiday House (Children)

41. Ideals Children’s Books (Children)

WorthyKids/Ideals publishes fiction and nonfiction board books, novelty books, and picture books for children ages birth to 8. Subjects include inspiration/faith, patriotism, and holidays, particularly Easter and Christmas; relationships
and values; and general fiction. Board book manuscripts should be no longer than 250 words. Picture book manuscripts should be no longer than 800 words.

42. Holiday House (Children)

43. Just Us Books and Marimba Books (Black and Multi-Cultural Children’s books) 

Just Us Books is currently accepting queries for chapter books and middle reader titles only.  (May change. Check guidelines for latest.)

44. Lee & Low Books (Children of Color)

Lee & Low Books publishes books for children and young adults with a multicultural theme. All manuscripts must be aimed at children of color, with an authentic voice. They accept submissions from new authors through regular mail. They accept no email submissions.

45. Little Pickle Press (Children) Middle Grade and Young Adult

46. Onstage Publishing (Children)  chapter books, middle grade novels and young adult novels

47. Peachtree (Children)

48. Ripple Grove Press (Children) Picture Books only (Ages 2-6)


49. Sky Pony Press (Children)

50. WordSong (Children) Poetry

WordSong is the only children’s imprint in the United States specifically dedicated to poetry. WordSong titles, both picture books and novels in verse, capture the vibrant, unexpected, and emotional connections between poetry of all types and young readers. 


Charlotte Dillon has an awesome list of publishers and agents and many resources: http://www.charlottedillon.com/PubsAgents.html

Check these articles for romance publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts:

Romance Publishers

  1. Karen Fox. “(Romance) Publishers:” http://www.karenafox.com/publishers.htm (worldwide)
  2. RTBookReviews. “Seven (Romance) Publishers Now Accepting Manuscripts:” http://www.rtbookreviews.com/rt-daily-blog/seven-publishers-now-accepting-manuscripts

Looking for an Agent? Check out “18 Literary Agents Who Are Looking for You:” https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/18-literary-agents-who-are-looking-for-you/

Use Pub Subbers to get your manuscript, query, cover letter, and/or proposal in gear:
Week 1 Send manuscript off for final critique before submission. Choose publisher or agent. Print Guidelines.
Week 2 Write pitch, query, cover letter, proposal, etc. to make a good impression.
Week 3 Proof read everything. Submit this week.

May you reach all of your heart’s desires!  Good luck with all your writing endeavors and your life.

Updated November 17, 2017.

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Never Give Up
Go ahead. Submit your work.

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Join the Pub Subbers Yahoo Group

PubSub“Join the Pub Subbers Yahoo Group” by Joan Y. Edwards

Happy 2nd Birthday, PubSub3rdFri

To celebrate PubSub3rdFri’s second birthday, I decided to form a PubSub3rdFri Yahoo group.

PubSub3rFri Yahoo Group is a group of people who believe in the PubSub3rdFri philosophy. Members are truly committed to getting their manuscripts in good shape by sending it for critique and revising it. Each member focuses on submitting one or more works to a critique group or professional editor, book or magazine publisher, editor, agent, or contest on the third Friday (or any other day) of each month.

A Pub Subber believes that the more of his manuscripts are out there, the better chance he’ll have at being published. Each time a Pub Subber submits, he improves his skills in writing and submitting.

In this group, you can post successes, ask members for suggestions in refining your manuscript, pitch, query, proposal, etc. You can post messages letting other Pub Subbers rejoice with you when you receive a “YES.” They’ll encourage you when you get a “NO.”

I’d love to see you there. Join the Pub Subbers Yahoo Group by sending an email to me at joanyedwards1@gmail.com with your first and last name and why you’d like to be a Pub Subber. Then I’ll send you an invitation! Fun, fun, fun!

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What Entices You to Submit Your Writing by Linda Andersen (Guest Blogger-PubSub3rdFri)

“What Entices You to Submit Your Writing” by Linda Andersen (Guest Blogger-PubSub3rdFri)

Linda Andersen: Joan, thank you for inviting me to be a guest blogger on PubSub3rdFri.
Joan Y. Edwards: You’re welcome. I am very honored that you’re willing to share your ideas about PubSubbing with us.

PubSub3rdFri Participant

Pub Sub 3rd Fri Participant

Linda Andersen: Today’s topic is:  WHAT ENTICES YOU TO SUBMIT YOUR WRITING?

What if you read an advertisement for PubSub3rdFri that guaranteed publication, would you give it a try?  What if the program assured increased likelihood of publication, would you participate?  Why not check out PubSub3rdFri and determine your own satisfaction rating?  I think you’ll be glad you did.

When Joan Edwards, originator of PubSub3rdFri, modified the program guidelines to include submissions to critique groups, I knew my monthly goal was obtainable.  Sometimes, a writing sample needs to be critiqued and revised more than once before it is ready to send to a publisher.  PubSub3rdFri encourages monthly submissions to publishers, but not until the writing is ready.  Now, I have a double incentive for producing writing samples monthly—my writing group and PubSub3rdFri.

What if it’s nearly time to submit to my critique group and I don’t have something ready to send, what do I do?  I look for a way “to light a fire under me.”  I need a writing sample and quick.  Sometimes, I pull out an old manuscript and revise it.  A few months back, I did just that with some rebus stories.  Once my writing group gave its critique, I revised and submitted to a publisher.  Unfortunately those submissions did not sell.  Perhaps I’ll revise them at a later time and try again.

In 2011, I set a goal to be published in several leading children’s magazines.  I wanted to earn more magazine credits before submitting manuscripts to book publishers. My strategy was to customize two stories to magazine themes, send four queries to another themed magazine, and revise an existing story.  Three of these submissions were purchased; thus, I reached my publication goal and my PubSub3rdFri goal.  What a great feeling.

No matter how polished your submissions, some manuscripts may never be published.  PubSub3rdFri is there to entice you to submit, but it has no power over submission acceptances.  You will have projects that aren’t purchased.  Even projects dear to your heart may need to rewritten in a different genre.  Sometimes your project may be passed on due to marketability. How flexible are you?  I have one such project that may never be purchased, although it’s possible that the information might be of interest in another format—perhaps as a pamphlet for museum tours.  I’ll think on possibilities.

If you would like to belong to a community that encourages, motivates, and supports submissions, register with PubSub3rdFri.  Happy PubSubbing!

Do the PubSub3rdFriday
And turn your luck around,
That’s what it’s all about!

Linda Andersen
Guest Blogger

Joan Y. Edwards: Thank you, Linda for those encouraging words. I appreciate your willingness to post February’s reasons to Pub Sub.

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