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Where Are You Going?


“Where Are You Going?” by Joan Y. Edwards

Many times in your life, you know exactly where you want to go. But, you might have trouble proving that this is your destination when people see you in a different place or different surroundings.

If you plan to ride a camel in Egypt, would you need to practice first?


Practicing would be good.


If you want to learn about a famous city, figure out the best transportation to get you there.



Is it easier to find a parking place for a motorcycle than for a car?


Do they have bike lanes?



Will you need a truck to carry what you learn?


Are you speeding away from a problem?



Do you need rest from the fast pace or the usual routine?

2012-10-18 14.42.02

Do you need to get away from it all and fly to a new part of the world and land in a new situation?


2013-10-26 18.22.03

I hope these pictures and words move you to enjoy where you are or to plan a trip down the street or to another world with your writing and illustrating! Whatever you do and wherever you go, enjoy being you! You’ll get there. God will empower you with answers to your questions and deliver you safely in the face of the reality of your dreams!


Never Give Up

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