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Celebrate 500,000 Views with Me

“Celebrate 500,000 Views with Me” by Joan Y. Edwards



On Thursday, February 16, 2018 the number of views for my Never Give Up blog reached 500,000 views! I am very excited! Throwing confetti in the air. Thank you to each and every one of you who made this possible! 
This is the 680th post. The day with the highest number of views was September 30, 2014 with 960 views. It has 343 subscribers and 6,855 comments. 
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“Let’s Face It – English Is a Crazy Language” by Richard Lederer 1,000


While writing the blog, I’ve gone to conferences, presented workshops at conferences, presented workshops for my critique group, wrote Joan’s Elder Care Guide,  and in 2016 4RV Publishing published Joan’s Elder Care Guide: Empowering You and Your Elder to Survive. I’ve also dealt with life. I’ve found that writing this blog gives me stability even when my world seems unstable, when life enters in with challenges. When I’m down, I try to write something to calm myself and hope that it resonates to help you, my readers, too. When you leave comments, you put a lot of joy into my heart and help me survive the little things and the big things in my life. Thank you very much for that.


Together, we’ll continue to survive. When we look at the picture in the future, our writing’s improved, our stories are published, our illustrations are great and delightful. Keep that picture in your mind. Keep on going. You’ll get there. I’ll get there. We’ll get there.


bicycling-003 from gif org

Keep on Going! You’ll Get There! 



Thank you to everyone who read this post. A special thanks to the following people who left comments on this blog before midnight February 24, 2018!

  1. Flight up (Joan Reid) 
  2. Stepmom Shawn  (Shawn Simon)
  3. Sharon Willett
  4. Maureen Crites
  5. Linda Andersen
  6. bmadole (Brenda Madole)
  7. Samantha Bell
  8. Sandra Warren
  9. Kathleen Burkinshaw (asked not to be included in the drawing)
  10. Carol Baldwin (asked not to be included in the drawing)

I asked Random.org to choose 3 numbers between 1 and 8. 

Random chose 4, 1, and 5. Therefore, Congratulations! Maureen Crites, Joan Reid, and Linda Andersen. You won a choice of a free paperback copy of either Flip Flap Floodle or Joan’s Elder Care GuidePlease send me your choice of books and your snail mailing address to me at joanyedwards1@gmail.com. Also, tell me the person for whom you would like them autographed.




Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © 2018 Joan Y. Edwards


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Is Blogging Here for the Long Run?

Is Blogging Here for the Long Run Copyright 2016 Joan Y. Edwards

A friend asked me, “Do you think blogging is fading in popularity? Based on my own personal blog and those of others, I don’t think so.

Blogging started in 1994. In 2007, Technorati says they’re tracking more than 112 million blogs. I entered the blogging scene on October 9, 2009.

Tumblr itself has 275.9 million blogs in 2016. Over 409 million people view more than 21.2 billion pages on WordPress each month. On WordPress, 54.2 million new posts and 52.3 million new comments each month. 

My opinion is that blogging will be here for a long time. Blogging is here for the long run. Why? Because of the information bloggers put on their blogs. Bloggers inform, inspire, promote, sell, rant, rave. Bloggers influence and change our world. They make it better. They provide a different way of looking at things. A different opinion. A different way to do something. Blogs are creative. Bloggers find intriguing ways to bring readers into their worlds. That’s what readers want. It’s a great match.

What do you think? Do you think blogging will be here for a long time? What kind of blogs to do you read?

Are there topics for blog posts you’d like for me to write?

Enjoy your day. 

Live with enthusiasm!
Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © 2016 Joan Y. Edwards


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  9. Your Traffic Hits.com. “Do Blogs Still Matter in Today’s SEO?” https://www.yourtraffichits.com/do-blogs-still-matter-seo-2016/


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New Book? Spread the Word with a Blogging Book Blitz

New Book Spread the Word with a Blogging Book Blitzz Copyright 2016 Joan Y. Edwards

“New Book? Spread the Word with a Blogging Book Blitz” by Joan Y. Edwards

 A Book Blitz is a great tool to market your new book or to celebrate the anniversary of a published book.

A Book Blitz is when more than one blogger posts the same information about a book on the same day. (If you don’t have a blog yet, a great resource to help you get started is https://blogging.com/how-to-start-a-blog/)

Imagine ten or more bloggers spreading the word about your book all on the same day. Some authors actually get more than that. It can also be called a Book Blast. What do the bloggers get in return? It depends upon the author. Authors may put a link on their websites or blogs for each blogger who participates in the Book Blitz to recognize their generosity. 

A Book Blitz differs from a Book Tour because it’s all done on the same day, usually the release date for the book. Book Tours may be spread over a period of time, one a day, one a week, etc. Book Tours may include interviews with the author.

If you’re willing to do a Book Blitz on your blog for Joan’s Elder Care Guide in May 2016, please let me know.

Below you’ll find a sample Book Blitz and Steps to Create a Successful Book Blitz.

Sample Book Blitz


Flip Flap Floodle cover 300 res 300x420 pixels



Flip Flap Floodle is a happy little duck who wants to go show Grandma how well he can play on his new flute. On the way, Mr. Bear and Mr. Chicken like his song. However, Mr. Fox doesn’t and trouble mounts for the little duck. Will Flip’s mother find him before it’s too late? Will Grandma ever hear Flip’s song?  Children of all ages cheer Flip on, sing his song, and delight in the book’s repetition, witty characters and colorful illustrations.

Review: Author appreciates all reviews.

FULL OF FUN***** 5 stars
Flip Flap Floodle, a sweet trusting musical duckling encounters several characters on his way to Grandma’s house. There’s Mr. Chicken, Mr. Bear, and the baddy-wad Mr. Fox.  This is a delightful story on several developmental levels: colorful illustrations to entertain toddlers; a funny story that will enrapture kindergarten-age children; a self-reader for first and second graders; a good message for older children; and a musical book to please all children.  A great twist at the end!
…Best regards, Joan Reid

Official Video Trailer for FLIP FLAP FLOODLE.





Joan Y. Edwards AE9Z7443

Joan Y. Edwards is an author, illustrator, and retired teacher in North Carolina. She wrote Joan’s Elder Care Guide published by 4RV Publishing. She wrote and illustrated picture book, Flip Flap Floodle. Her Never Give Up blog, http://www.joanyedwards.wordpress.com has over 300,000 views and 343 subscribers. She encourages writers, illustrators, and others to never to give up. Her website, http://www.joanyedwards.com has a multitude of Gospel-based devotionals, puzzles, and skits.

Joan is a member of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). Her article, “Find Your Creative Edge,” appeared in the July-August 2011 SCBWI Bulletin.

Edwards thrives on spending time with her family and friends. She presents interactive writing and motivational talks and workshops for children and adults in schools, writing groups, and conferences. She reads humorous and self-help books. For inspiration and self-acceptance, she heeds the wise teachings of Robert Schuller, Joel Osteen, Maxwell Maltz, and Tony Robbins.

Facebook Page Joan Y. Edwards, Author https://www.facebook.com/Joan-Y-Edwards-Author-111310278911077/

Twitter @joanyedwards

Feel free to reblog this post.

If you would like to have Joan Y. Edwards as a guest on your blog, please contact her at joanyedwards1@gmail.com

Steps to a Successful Book BlitzSteps to a Successful Book Blitz

1. Create a list of bloggers you’d like to invite to participate in your one day Book Blitz. Make a five column chart:

In column 1, number the bloggers.
In column 2, put yes or no.
In column 3, put the blogger’s name.
In column 4, put his email address.
In column 5, put the link to his blog.

Below is a link to a pdf file I created for you. You can print it out and use it for ten blogs. You can copy and paste the text into a word document to add more names. (I didn’t realize I could add pdfs and Word documents to my blogs. So I’m excited to learn where it saves the items and where you can copy a link to it so readers can find it.)

 Book Blast Request List

2. Image of Book Cover: 3 inches by 4 inches or 300 pixels by 400 pixels.

To change the size of your cover image larger or smaller to meet your needs, Download free Paint.net software here. When you download it’s a zip file. To unzip the files, NCH has a free version of Express Zip available for non-commercial use only. Download the free version of Express Zip here.  Once you’ve extracted the Paint.net files from the zip folder, you can click on the .exe file to install it. 

3. Insert your 250 word synopsis.

Copy and paste the long blurb synopsis you want to use.

4. Insert a review.

5. Put an Embed Link to your YouTube video Book Trailer.

6. Put links to purchase

  • on Publisher’s Site (they make more money this way.)

  • Amazon

  • Barnes and Noble



  • Insert a 3 in by 3 in or 3 in by 4 in  jpeg or jpg color image of you.

  • Insert a 65-100 word biography. At the end put your website, facebook, and twitter info.

8. Format the Book Blitz post on your blog.

Format it the way you want it to appear on all of the participating Book Blitz blogs.

9. Copy the text with html codes from your blog to send to those who signed up to do a Book Blitz for you.

  • If you’re using WordPress, you can see two words for a blog post. One is Visual. The other is marked Text or HTML. The Text or HTMl with codes is the one you want to copy. It will have the images from your post with the right html code to show up in someone else’s blog.

  • In a Blogger Post, it says “Compose” for the visual; and HTML for the code.

10. Direct the person who’s participating in your Book Blitz to copy and paste the Book Blitz into a new blog post.

  • WordPress – Paste it directly onto the “text” or “html” page.

  • Blogger – Paste it directly onto the “html” page.

11. On your Book Blitz Day, you’ll have the same post on your blog plus the others who signed up to participate in your Book Blitz. Hip Hip Hooray!

Thank you to C. H. Armstrong for inviting me to participate in her Book Blitz. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to figure it out. Here’s a link to the Book Blitz I did for her:

“The Edge of Nowhere by C.H. Armstrong:”https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/the-edge-of-nowhere-by-c-h-armstrong/

Never Give Up

Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © 2016-2018 Joan Y. Edwards

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Which Social Media Is Right for You?

Sign-up Links


Google Plus+gplus-64
Goodreadsgoodreads icon

LinkedInLinked-In-icon100 pixels

PinterestPinterest box image


“Which Social Media Is Right for You?” by Joan Y. Edwards

I know. I know. I’ve thrown so many Social Media possibilities out at you: Facebook, GooglePlus+, Glogster, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. You might be confused. There are others that I didn’t include yet. I put a little information about blogging below. I may add a separate post for Blogging and Goodreads later. I added the signup page link for Goodreads now. Guess what! You can’t do them all. Nor should you do them all. Relax. Here is a little information and a few questions to help you decide which social media is right for you.

Which social media do you believe will get you the most new connections and good prospects for your business, service, or product? Which one will help you be better known across the internet? All of the tools below can create a good following of new people. Which is right for you?

  1. Blogging – Many bloggers create a good following. In the references, I put articles written by Anne R. Allen and Jane Friedman discussing whether a writer should or shouldn’t have a blog.  Personally, I use my blog for my major focus for marketing. I use the other social media to spread the word about my blog, my books, and my workshops. When you sell your book, your publisher may require you to have a blog. WordPress or Blogger are two simple platforms to use for a blog. Don’t blog any information or material you wish to have published by a publisher. Make sure your blog and each blog post has your copyright information on it.
  2. Facebook Author or Company Pages – can create a good following, with links for special deals, links to websites, blogs, information, pictures, videos with links, special events.
  3. Glogster If you like to make a collection of different formats, Glogster might be for you.
  4. Goodreads lists your published books and reviews, lists books you read. You can do giveaways.
  5. GooglePlus+ can be a message with a link, with a picture, with a video, with a slideshow. You can interact with businesses, friends, family, organizations, people with the same skills and profession as you. You can organize them in circles of any name you choose: family, friends, writers, illustrators, lawyers, editors, agents, and/or plumbers.
  6. LinkedIn can connect you with professionals you already know online and/or in person. You can upload resumes and list your skills and expertise. You can check out possible employers. You can start or join groups with same interests as you. You can also find out events related to your skills or profession.
  7. Pinterest gives you a place to post messages with a picture attached. If you don’t have a picture or image for your post, Pinterest might not be the best one for you.
  8. Twitter with its short 140 character tweets and retweets. Tweets can be words or links to webpages, blogs, images, videos, sales, books, products, etc.
  9. Websites can provide visitors but usually you don’t have any way to interact with them unless you do a newsletter and have them sign up on your website. Adding a blog or guest book on your website can help this.

Before you decide, here are more questions to help you make a good decision:

  1. What is your marketing goal? WikiHow says this should be your first decision. I say choose two or three social media that seem to fit your needs. Then focus on one main one, and one minor one.
  2. How much time do you have to spend on it? Specify a certain amount of time and limit it to that. Time is money. Leave time for your job, your family, your friends.  If you’re a writer, do your major writing project first, then do your social media.
  3. What will you get out of it?
  4. Which one is calling you? Which one do you like? If one intimidates you, leave it alone for now. Do the ones that your inner self says, “I can do that.”
  5. If you need more directions, look at the blog posts in my series, to help you get started.

Good luck to you.

Here are links to my social media posts:

  1. Joan Y. Edwards. “Collect Images for Fun and Research – Use Pinterest:” https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/2013/04/28/collect-images-for-fun-and-research-use-pinterest/
  2. Joan Y. Edwards. “Facebook: The Pros, Cons, and How to’s:” https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/facebook-the-pros-cons-and-how-tos/
  3. Joan Y. Edwards. “How to Use Glogster – A Personal Electronic Poster Maker:” https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/2013/04/28/how-to-use-glogster-a-personal-electronic-poster-maker/
  4. Joan Y. Edwards. “9 Reasons to Use Google Plus+:” https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/9-reasons-to-use-google-plus/
  5. Joan Y. Edwards.”Seven Advantages of Using Twitter:” https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/seven-advantages-of-using-twitter/
  6. Joan Y. Edwards. “Ten Reasons to Use LinkedIn:” https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/ten-reasons-to-use-linkedin/
  7. Joan Y. Edwards. “Which Social Media Is Right for You?” https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/which-social-media-is-right-for-you/

I hope this article has given you a few ideas to help you decide which social media, if any, is right for you. There are more references at the bottom. Please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment below, be sure to sign your first and last name.

As a way to celebrate my 50,000 reads (only 402 views to go), I’ll do a Hangout to “How to Make Your Blog Zing” and field questions from participants. We can only have 10 people in a Hangout at a time. It’s free. Those unable to join the hangout can view it on YouTube a few hours later. Leave a comment below if you’d like to join me. It’ll be on the first Monday after I reach 50,000 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. It looks like it’ll be in the next two weeks. Connect with me on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/108439424078672286967. I’ll send you an invitation, be sure and tell me you want to join the hangout.

Giveaway – When I reach 50,000 views, a lucky winner will receive — a free 1/2 hour personal consultation by phone or computer on Making Your Blog Zing. I’ll analyze the lucky winner’s blog and make suggestions on how to improve what he’s already doing;  give tips on how to organize his time; and most importantly, answer questions he has about his blog.

Connect with me. I’d be honored.
 facebook  imagetwitter  Linked-In-icon50 pixels  

Celebrate you today.
Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2013 Joan Y. Edwards


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Scan Your Old Photos Now

“Scan Your Old Photos Now” by Joan Y. Edwards

You’ve heard of people losing their memories.

You’ve heard of people disappearing.

I was scanning old pictures to send to my nephew for the Celebration of my sister, Judith’s Life. Some of the people and items in the pictures are disappearing. It’s as if these photos can’t remember what was put on them many moons ago. It’s the materials they used to process these pictures in the 1940s that’s causing them to deteriorate. Through the years, Kodak and other film processors have learned through experience and research how to make pictures better preserved.

If you have photos from earlier than 1950, I’d suggest that you scan them at 600 pixel resolution. If the pictures are in good shape, probably 300 pixels in resolution will be okay. Most of the ones that I have after 1950, are okay. Everyone is still clear in the pictures.  If you still have the negatives, you can get them developed. But if you don’t have the negatives, my advice is to scan them. You can scan them yourself, or pay someone to do it for you. I had a huge amount of slides, over 1000 of them. I had DigMyPics.com to do them. I liked their quality and timeliness. There are others cheaper and some more expensive. You will figure out the best plan for you. Of course, today’s pictures are almost all taken with digital cameras.

I’ll show you what I mean about the people and items disappearing:

1940 Judith Meyer, Great Grandfather, Christopher Henry Meyer, and Joan Meyer

1944 Judith and Joan Meyer on the day Judith started school.

1944 Joan Meyer in front of their house on LaVista Road in Tucker, Georgia.

1950 Judith and Joan at 1008 Birch Street, Falls Church, Va.

My purpose in writing this blog is so that you will search out your old pictures. You might get ideas for a story or two there. You can use pictures as props for your stories. You might enjoy going down memory road. You can share your pictures in many ways.

You can upload your photos to Shutterfly or Facebook. You can also get a free Dropbox account. Put a folder on your computer. Fill it with pictures for all of your family and/or friends to see. Send them a link, and they can see them and download them to their computer: http://www.dropbox.com

If both of you have a Dropbox account, you can share the folder and it will stay in both accounts.

I just sent my nephew a link to the Dropbox folder on my computer with 175 pictures of my sister and our family in it. He said he was able to download the pictures. That’s a lot quicker than sending separate emails with 2 or 3 photos each. It saved both of us a bunch of time.

You can also save manuscripts on your computer. Copy and save them into a folder. Copy and paste this folder into Dropbox folder on your computer. Then if you go out-of-town or don’t have access to your computer, but you have access to another computer, you can work on your manuscript, save it and the revised version will be there in your Dropbox folder when you get back home. Incredible.

Other people can only see the folder with a link that you send them. However, you can see all the folders in your Dropbox. If you have one word file you want to share, you have to put it in a folder and share the folder on the Dropbox.

Enjoy your old pictures. Take some new pictures. Do something fun to celebrate your life today. I’m glad you parents had you. You are a blessing.

Thanks for reading my blog. Please leave a comment.

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards

Here’s a link to a related blog post of mine: How to Digitize and Share Your Priceless Family Slides, Movie Reels, and Photos

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