Flip Flap Floodle: A New “Classic” Nursery Tale Review by Petre Pan

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Flip Flap Floodle: A New “Classic” Nursery Tale Review by Petre Pan

Reblogged from Petre Pan’s blog “…and then, I shall write a book, about my adventures.”

Hey guys! I just got finished reading Flip Flap Floodle by Joan Y. Edwards, a sweet little children’s story for reading aloud to preschool/nursery age kids. It features a little duck who plays a flute, which is a pretty cute idea for a protagonist. The little duck meets many different kinds of people along his journey to musical greatness: those who are too busy with their own song to pay attention to him, those who recognize his talent and encourage him–and those who eat him.

Wait, what?

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Thank you, Jen (Petre Pan) for giving Flip Flap Floodle a rave review! So glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for being a long time follower!

Never Give Up


“Writing to Get Published” by Karen Cioffi

This is a reblog from 4RV Publishing: Reading, Writing, and Art News blog, September 4, 2016. It has great articles about writing and publishing.

4RV Publishing published my book, Joan’s Elder Care Guide: Empowering You and Your Elder to Survive. Thank you, 4RV.

“Writing to Get Published” by Karen Cioffi

By Karen Cioffi

All writers have one primary focus—to get published. What makes each of us different is our slant or perspective on the story we’re telling, and how we tell it.

It’s true that anyone can write, but writing to get published is another story. To accomplish this, there four steps you need to include in your writing.

1. Write an out-of-the-ballpark beginning

This is the crucial step that will determine whether the agent or editor keeps reading. Your beginning needs to grab the reader; it needs to lead the reader on without him having to think about it.

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“Sharks and Minnows” by Joy Acey

Today I’ve chosen to reblog Joy Acey’s poetry blog. She is the Princess of Poetry. She’s been writing a poem a day since 2011! She is amazing. I hope you’ll jump over to her blog. I know you’ll enjoy your time there. Each post is short and sometimes she draws pictures to illustrate her poems.

Reblogged from Joy Acey’s post on September 15, 2016.

“Have you ever played Sharks and Minnows in a swimming pool?  Have you played Marco Polo?  There are lots of tag games.  Can you name some others?”

And here’s the rest of Joy’s fun post about Sharks and Minnows and her fun illustration:

Please leave her a comment on her blog and tell her how much fun she is. You can even put your comment in poetry format. That will make her smile really big.


Interviews with Joy Acey:



Nothing Says Joy in the Morning Like…by Linda Martin Andersen

Reblogged from a post September 21, 2016

I know I have blogs listed to the left that I think are great. I thought it would be good to reblog one of their posts I especially liked.

I know you’re going to enjoy this. Thanks, Linda for sharing so many fun ideas on your blog. Please leave a comment on Linda’s blog!

A Writer’s Playground by Linda Martin Andersen

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A Writer’s Playground–a place to find wordplay, writing prompts, reasons to celebrate, and monthly calendar activities for kids and those young at heart  “Nothing Says Joy in the Morning Like…” by Linda Martin Andersen

Personal grief hit me hard in June.  It left me too sad to do some things I enjoy, such as making small home decorating changes.  Fortunately, my  creativity is returning.  This brings me great joy!

Yesterday, I decided to replace the coffee station in my kitchen.  I purchased a bamboo napkin holder and serving tray to hold my coffee maker and condiments.   This simple decorating change filled me with joy.  Now as I pour myself a cup of coffee, I’m reminded to start my day with joy.  I was also reminded of two Folgers’ coffee jingles:  “Nothing says morning like Folgers in your cup. ” Also:  “The best part of waking up in Folgers in your cup.”

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Is my writing right for you?

I reblogged this from Dr. Bob Rich talking about his writing habits. I know you’ll enjoy it. Feel free to leave him a comment on Bobbing Around. Thanks for reading my blog.

Bobbing Around

Previous posts in Rhobin’s rounds

Rhobin Courtright’s topic for September: What writing practices do you have that you think are eccentric or at least never mentioned but you find helpful?

My initial response was: “I don’t know that I have writing practices!”

I sit in my recliner chair, my laptop on my lap, and allow my fingers to type. But OK, here is something: I write when I don’t write.

Transferring words from mind to computer via the fingers is not writing, but recording. In fiction, there is a scene, peopled by characters. One of them is the witness, and I report that person’s experiences: emotion, action, dialogue, perceptions, thoughts, bodily feelings.

But what should be the next scene? Where is the story going? (or, in the case of my writing at this moment, where should the essay be going?) What should be the source of tension or interest? What’s…

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How to Write a Good Sentence

This is a trial to see what goes on when I hit reblog on my blog. It was simple and quick.

Never Give Up by Joan Y. Edwards

How to Write a Good Sentence“How to Write a Good Sentence” by Joan Y. Edwards

It is imperative to have a subject and a predicate to make a complete sentence. In other words, your sentence has to have a noun and a verb.

I love the quote from Joyce Griffith, Griffith Publishing “How long should a sentence be? As long as it needs to be, but no longer.”

Two of my blog articles listed below have memorable lines from movies or books. It is a great idea to find good sentences and share them in a blog post or with your writing group(s). I am excited that Shannon Doyne and Holly Epstein Ojalvo said, “Make a collection of your favorite sentences from anywhere.”

I think it’s a good plan to note the book, magazine, newspaper, movie, television show, or person who said them. For comparison and to help you recognize when your sentences aren’t up…

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If You Don’t Do It, It Won’t Get Done!


If you don’t do it, it won’t get done! Image Copyright © 2016 Joan Y. Edwards

“If You Don’t Do It, It Won’t Get Done!” by Joan Y. Edwards

It’s funny that you might have two or three manuscripts sitting in a file on your computer, packed away in a box under your bed, or hiding in an old manila folder. Yet, you have never ever submitted any of these stories to a publisher. Or perhaps you’ve drawn or painted many pictures, put them in a colorful portfolio, but have never submitted them to a publisher.

How long have you been waiting? How long are you going to procrastinate the submission process? What is stopping you? Why haven’t you submitted them? I know your list of reasons could reach in the hundreds. But why list them. Why not focus on the reasons you should submit your manuscript? Use your energy to get you closer to your goal.

Here are five empowering facts about you that you may not know:

  1. You have the intelligence needed for this job.

  2. You have the talent needed for this job.

  3. You have the experience needed for this job.

  4. You have the money and resources to do this job.

  5. You have the courage to do this job.

You’re looking at me as if I don’t know what I am talking about. But, I do. I know you better than you know yourself. You have all these talents, but you’re afraid of failing.

So what if you fail. You’ve failed before. What did you do? You got up and tried again. Do it again.

Each time you do it, you’ll gain more skills. You’ll learn at least a few things to improve your submission.

You tell me that you did that with other things, but submitting a manuscript or submitting a postcard with an illustration on it…that’s a completely different ball game. That’s too hard.

Someone’s holding up a mirror in front of you that’s not projecting a true picture of your worth. It must be an old timey mirror that distorts the true picture of what the situation really is. It’s time to get a new mirror. It’s time to think different ideas. It’s time to have a different belief system. It’s time to believe in you. God believes in you. I believe in you. Believe in yourself.

But you say to me. My parents don’t believe in me. My husband doesn’t believe in me. My sister doesn’t believe in me. My brother doesn’t believe in me. My boss doesn’t believe in me.

Guess what! To be successful, the only human person who has to believe in you is you!

God believes in you. He put an idea for a creation in your heart…a gut feeling. That’s God telling you that you’ve got what it takes and he’ll be there with you each step of the way. If you don’t have it now, you’ll have it as soon as you start believing in you. You’ll learn it. As soon as you need it, God will hand you the key.

Belief in yourself is essential. Once you believe it, it will happen. Take action. If you don’t do it, it won’t get done. You won’t reach your goal.

How do you gain more confidence in yourself? Practice. Study. Practice. Saying it. Believing it. Doing it. Taking action.

Write down the steps you need to take. Then take them. Do it. Go ahead. One by one. Inch by inch. Story by story. Illustration by illustration. Submission by submission. You’ll get there.

Pub Subbers

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

October was the 7th Birthday of Pub Subbers. I had a contest on this blog post for people to submit their work to a publisher, editor, contest, or agent during October before midnight October 31, 2016 and to leave a comment telling that they submitted and where. No one let me know that they submitted their work. Therefore, I decided to award the prize to one of the seven people who left a comment:

  1. Joan Reid
  2. Linda Andersen
  3. Sheri Levy
  4. Carol Baldwin
  5. Sandra Warren
  6. Cat Michaels
  7. Kathleen Burkinshaw

Random.org chose #7, therefore, Kathleen Burkinshaw won a free critique of 3,000 words, 3 illustrations, or a copy of Darcy Pattison’s Novel Metamorphosis: Uncommon Ways to Revise. Thank you to all of you who left a comment. You help give life to my blog.

How do you reward yourself when you submit? A tangible reward works well for me. Feel free to share this post with your fellow writers and illustrators. To leave a note, click on comment and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Believe in You
Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © 2016 Joan Y. Edwards


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