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Submit a Manuscript to Celebrate the 3rd Birthday of PubSub3rdFri (Pub Subbers)

“Submit a Manuscript to Celebrate the 3rd Birthday of PubSub3rdFri (Pub Subbers)” by Joan Y. Edwards Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Pub Subbers, Happy Birthday to You! Did you PubSub today? Did you PubSub today? Did you PubSub today? Did you PubSub today? Will you PubSub this month? Will you […]

Pub Subbers: What Do We Get Out of It? by Sarah Maury Swan

I asked Sarah Maury Swan to do a guest blog for April to entice you to become a PubSubber: To submit your work often as a step in getting you closer to publication. I am happy and honored to present her guest blog: Pub Subbers: What Do We Get Out of It? By Sarah Maury […]

Join the Pub Subbers Yahoo Group

“Join the Pub Subbers Yahoo Group” by Joan Y. Edwards Happy 2nd Birthday, PubSub3rdFri To celebrate PubSub3rdFri’s second birthday, I decided to form a PubSub3rdFri Yahoo group. PubSub3rFri Yahoo Group is a group of people who believe in the PubSub3rdFri philosophy. Members are truly committed to getting their manuscripts in good shape by sending it […]

Pub Subbers

 Pub Subbers (2010-2016) Are you a Pub Subber?   I am not an editor, publisher, or agent. I am a writer and illustrator who wants to encourage you to submit your work so it can be published. I invite you to be a Pub Subber. A Pub Subber submits one or more of their quality works on the […]

Which to Choose: Big Name Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing?

                                 OR “Which to Choose: Big Name Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing?” by Joan Y. Edwards Know your options. Study the resources. Ask questions of others in your field. Read the copyright pages of your favorite books to find out who […]

Questions to Ask Before You Sign a Contract with a Publisher

“Questions to Ask Before You Sign a Contract with a Publisher” by Joan Y. Edwards Questions to ask and information to know before you sign on the dotted line with a publisher. There are many things that came to my mind when I decided to write this article. I know that my list is not […]

Pub Subbing Leads the Way to Publication!

“Pub Subbing Leads the Way to Publication!” by Joan Y. Edwards In 2009 I started Pub Sub. At that time, I called it PubSub3rdFri to designate the third week of the month as a great time to send out a manuscript. I said to myself, “It would be more fun to have people to submit […]

12 Affirmations that Lead to Publication

“12 Affirmations that Lead to Publication” by Joan Y. Edwards Here are affirmations/goal statements for you. Good to write any month of the year. These are not the same as the 12 affirmations that you receive for subscribing to my blog.  Copy them down as they are or change them to suit your personality and […]

Submit Again, The Right Publisher Awaits

“Submit Again, The Right Publisher Awaits” by Joan Y. Edwards #2 in Series – Famous Writers Recovered from Rejection, So Can You Would you return an advance and a contract if the publisher wanted you to change the ending of your story? If 27 publishers rejected your story, would you throw it into the trash […]

7 Reasons to Submit Your Manuscript! Pub Sub

“7 Reasons to Submit Your Manuscript! Pub Sub” by Joan Y. Edwards It leads you 100 steps closer to publication and has 100% more successful track record for publication than not submitting. It gives you a wonderful reason to celebrate by going out to eat supper, call a friend you haven’t talked with in ages, […]