“Sharks and Minnows” by Joy Acey

Today I’ve chosen to reblog Joy Acey’s poetry blog. She is the Princess of Poetry. She’s been writing a poem a day since 2011! She is amazing. I hope you’ll jump over to her blog. I know you’ll enjoy your time there. Each post is short and sometimes she draws pictures to illustrate her poems.

Reblogged from Joy Acey’s post on September 15, 2016.

“Have you ever played Sharks and Minnows in a swimming pool?  Have you played Marco Polo?  There are lots of tag games.  Can you name some others?”

And here’s the rest of Joy’s fun post about Sharks and Minnows and her fun illustration:

Please leave her a comment on her blog and tell her how much fun she is. You can even put your comment in poetry format. That will make her smile really big.


Interviews with Joy Acey:




One Response

  1. Yay for Joy Acey’s blog, her poetry, and her sweet self.


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