Is my writing right for you?

I reblogged this from Dr. Bob Rich talking about his writing habits. I know you’ll enjoy it. Feel free to leave him a comment on Bobbing Around. Thanks for reading my blog.

Bobbing Around

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Rhobin Courtright’s topic for September: What writing practices do you have that you think are eccentric or at least never mentioned but you find helpful?

My initial response was: “I don’t know that I have writing practices!”

I sit in my recliner chair, my laptop on my lap, and allow my fingers to type. But OK, here is something: I write when I don’t write.

Transferring words from mind to computer via the fingers is not writing, but recording. In fiction, there is a scene, peopled by characters. One of them is the witness, and I report that person’s experiences: emotion, action, dialogue, perceptions, thoughts, bodily feelings.

But what should be the next scene? Where is the story going? (or, in the case of my writing at this moment, where should the essay be going?) What should be the source of tension or interest? What’s…

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2 Responses

  1. Joan,
    Thanks for sharing this one. Very interesting! I especially liked being introduced to Little Bob. I left a comment on Bob’s blog post too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Linda,
      How sweet of you to leave a comment here for me and one for Dr. Bob, too.

      Never Give Up


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