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Wisdom: Which Characters Have It? Which Don’t?

Wisdom Copyright 2016 Joan Y. Edwards

Wisdom Copyright 2016 Joan Y. Edwards

Here is the first of a series of blog posts about the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit. I’ll name 7 characters who have it and 7 characters who don’t. I’ll also give you synonyms and antonyms. Please feel free to think of characters with or without wisdom and put them in the comment area.

The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are seven spiritual gifts, the first of which is wisdom.

Wisdom – Being wise; filled with knowledge. Synonyms for wise are smart, intelligent, sage, prudent, common sense, and knowledgeable.

Characters from Books, Movies, and TV shows who are wise:

  1. Yoda from Star Wars
  2. Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web
  3. Noah who built the Ark in the Bible
  4. Andy from the Andy Griffith Show
  5. Elle Woods grows in wisdom in the movie Legally Blonde
  6. Columbo in the television show Columbo.
  7. Mona Lisa Vito in My Cousin Vinny

Here’s a link I found to 50 quotes from different TV characters that short thought worthy to mention:

The opposite of wisdom is foolishness. Antonyms for wise are naive, ignorant, dumb, inexperienced, foolish, careless, and irrational.

Characters from books, movies, and television who are not wise are:

  1. Barney Fife in the Andy Griffith Show
  2. The Boy in The Giving Tree
  3. Scrooge in A Christmas Carol
  4. Bird in Are You My Mother?
  5. George in Curious George
  6. Scarlet from Gone with the Wind
  7. Rumpelstiltskin in Rumpelstiltskin

Here’s The Top list of the dumbest cartoon characters:

I believe that all of us are wise at times and foolish at times. Once you can recognize it in other characters and people, you’ll be able to personify wisdom and foolishness in your own stories.

Which characters do you believe are wise?
Which characters do you believe are foolish?

Please leave a comment. Click below and scroll down to the very bottom.


Series on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © 2016 Joan Y. Edwards


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11 Responses

  1. OK, so here are mine:
    George Smiley (Various early John Le Carre novels)
    Sherlock Holmes
    Justine (The Alexandria Quartet, but you have to read ‘Montolive’ to see just how wise – and how cunning!)
    Inspector Morse in Colin Dexter’s Morse series
    William De Baskerville in ‘The Name of the Rose’
    Paola in the Guido Brunetti series by Donna Leon
    Dira, the ‘spirit child’ in Alessandro Baricco’s ‘Ocean Sea’.

    George Smiley – as hopeless in some areas of life as he is brilliant in others.
    Sherlock Holmes – again, as hopeless in some areas of life as he is brilliant in others.
    Inspector Morse – ditto.
    Miss Jessel, victim of Peter Quint in Henry James’ ‘The Turn of the Screw’.
    Richard Hannay, the bigoted, racist hooray-Henry ‘hero’ of John Buchan’s series. A character who would scoff at the very notion of wisdom.


    • Dear Lorenzo,
      Thank you for writing. I loved your characters with wisdom and those without. A great list with wonderful descriptions.I hope you’ll continue to add characters to this series. You’ve made it fun.

      Never Give Up


  2. Joan, I am having fun writing at the moment. One of the wisest people in the current book is a reindeer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not an owl?


    • Dear Dr. Bob,
      Thanks for writing. I’m glad you took a moment away from your current story to let us know the wisest character in it is a reindeer. Sometimes animals are definitely wiser than man. Good luck with your writing.You sharing makes it fun.

      Never Give UP


  3. Joan, what an interesting post and series. Go for it!


    • Dear Linda,
      Thanks for writing. I’m glad you think that the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit is an interesting series. Your comments make it fun?

      Never Give Up


  4. Great post, Joan. I like how you pointed out Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods grew in wisdom, so there’s hope for all our characters! Seems to me, though, these foolish characters are necessary to accentuate the wisdom in the others.


    • Dear Gretchen,
      Thank you for writing. I appreciate your compliment. You are right. Potentially all characters have a chance to grow in wisdom. Some do; some don’t. You definitely have made a good point. The characters who are the opposite of portraying wisdom are necessary to accentuate the wisdom in the others. It gives us ways to compare and contrast characters and know what they are made of. Thanks for telling me your ideas. You made this post, fun.

      Never Give Up


  5. Andy and not Otis? The reason for all my troubles just became clear. I feel so much wiser now! 😉
    Loved the post. But I must say that, though she may not have been the wisest character, I always had great respect for Scarlett’s grit.


    • Dear Lynn,
      Thank you for writing. You’re right. Otis seems wise to put himself in jail so he won’t get into trouble. On the other hand, it’s not too wise to drink too much because of the wear and tear on your body. Scarlett may not have been wise, but she had other characteristics and also showed the characters who were wise and showed how foolish she was. Personal interpretation is what keeps stories alive for years and years. Characters who aren’t perfect but believable. Enjoy your writing. Thanks for responding. You’ve made my blog fun.

      Never Give Up


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