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You Have a “Never Give Up” Spirit

Never Give Up Spirit copyright 2016 Joan Y. Edwards“You Have a Never Give Up Spirit” by Joan Y. Edwards

This is Day 28 of “Say Good Things February.”

Say Good Things February-Copyright 2016 Joan Y. Edwards





Do you have a Never Give Up spirit? My answer for you is:

Yes, you have a Never Give Up spirit. You are determined. You follow through with projects until they are finished. You are dependable. You are trustworthy. You are honest. You are a good organizer. You are organized. You reward yourself for completing little steps.  You are grateful for each step you take and all the material and tools you have to do the task at hand. You celebrate each day.

Repeat these affirmations using I instead of you.

Yes, I have a Never Give Up spirit. I am determined. I follow through with projects until they are finished. I am dependable. I am trustworthy. I am honest. I am a good organizer. I am disciplined. I reward myself for completing little steps. I am grateful for each step I take and all the material and tools I have to do the task at hand. I celebrate each day.

Here are resources to help you gain a firmer Never Give Up spirit:

  1. Heather Summerhayes Cariou. “Determined to Succeed: Some People Just Won’t Quit:” http://www.reliableplant.com/Read/27792/Determined-to-succeed-people/
  2. One Life Success. “8 Top Tips For… Determination – How To Keep Determined in Life:” http://www.onelifesuccess.net/top-tips-for-determination/
  3. Song Chengxiang. “The Secret of Really Good Affirmations:” http://www.trans4mind.com/counterpoint/index-success-abundance/chengxiang6.shtml
  4. Wiki How. “How to Be Determined to Achieve Something:” http://www.wikihow.com/Be-Determined-to-Achieve-Something/

My personal mantra since I was a little girl has been “Never Give Up.” I am very glad that God helped me understand how to use this spirit and share it with others.

I made up the story of Flip Flap Floodle when I was five years old. I told the story to anyone and every person who would listen to me from that age on.

It makes my heart sing when people tell me how much they love my book and illustrations. It makes me stand a little taller and smile when they tell me that singing Flip’s song helps them to remember that they can do it. Even though it looks like it’s the end of the world. God somehow inspires them with the answer or sends someone to help.

Joan Reid, a new follower of my blog, bought a copy of Flip Flap Floodle on Amazon  the other day. Thank you, Joan for reading my blog, buying the book and reviewing it for me.

Here is her review:

Flip Flap Floodle cover 300 res 300x420 pixels

FULL OF FUN***** 5 stars
Flip Flap Floodle, a sweet trusting musical duckling encounters several characters on his way to Grandma’s house. There’s Mr. Chicken, Mr. Bear, and the baddy-wad Mr. Fox.  This is a delightful story on several developmental levels: colorful illustrations to entertain toddlers; a funny story that will enrapture kindergarten-age children; a self-reader for first and second graders; a good message for older children; and a musical book to please all children.  A great twist at the end!
…Best regards, Joan Reid


Thank you for your review of Flip Flap Floodle, Joan Reid. You’re a jewel.

Don’t ever give up. Help is on the way. God will show you what to do. In Jeremiah 33:3 – God says, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

Mary L. Kupferle wrote an essay called, “God Will Show You How:” https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/god-will-show-you-how-by-mary-l-kupferle-public-domain/. I highly recommend it.

May God be with you, beside you, above you, below you, and be inside you.

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Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © 2016 Joan Y. Edwards
www.joanyedwards.com (Gospel-related puzzles and skits)

Here are links all of the posts in my “Say Good Things February” series.


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6 Responses

  1. You have always known you were a storyteller and writer. God planted that on your heart long ago. You live by your mantra and encourage others to never give up too. I’m glad Joan Reid loved your book about Flip Flap Floodle, like so many others, and reviewed it too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Linda,
      Thank you for writing. Thank you for saying that you believe I live by my mantra and lead others to get a Never Give Up spirit, too. You are a great encourager, too.

      Celebrate you.
      Never Give Up

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Joan, your messages this month have been a blessing to all. Continue to do your good works. I look forward to more of your postings.


    • Dear Joan Reid,
      Thanks for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed the posts during “Say Good Things February.” There’s one more day! February 29th. I’m glad you look forward to more of my postings! You give me life. Thanks again for buying Flip Flap Floodle and doing a review!

      Never Give Up


  3. You definitely have a “never give up” spirit, Joan. Interesting that has been with you since childhood. thanks for encouraging others to do the same. Hugs, Carol

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dear Carol,
      Thanks for writing. It is my honor to encourage others to keep on going towards their goals. When I encourage others, it also encourages me.

      Celebrate you
      Never Give Up


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