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You Are Graceful

You are graceful copyrgiht 2016 Joan Y. Edwards“You Are Graceful” by Joan Y. Edwards

This is Day 22 of “Say Good Things February.”

Say Good Things February-Copyright 2016 Joan Y. Edwards




Are you graceful? My answer for you follows:

You are graceful. You have poise. You move with grace and poise. You are calm. You are diplomatic. You respect yourself and others. You are tactful. You move easily and smoothly. When you move, it’s like you’re dancing. You are dignified. You are confident. You are self-assured.

Repeat these statements with “I” rather than “You” to make them true affirmations for you.

I am graceful. I have poise. I move with grace and poise. I am calm. I am diplomatic. I respect myself and others. I am tactful. I move easily and smoothly. When I move, it’s like I’m dancing.I am dignified. I am confident. I am self-assured.

Thank you, Joan Reid, for suggesting the affirmation, “You move with grace and poise.”

It’s interesting that when others doubt your strength, you begin to do a little doubting yourself. It’s important to instill in yourself an unwavering belief in your strength. Believe it is possible that you improve your gracefulness. Talk to others who’ve had similar experiences and find out what worked best for them. Take a class to improve your skills. Meditate. Pray. Education and experience of trial and error will teach you what you need to know and do to improve. Each experience you have makes you stronger.

Here are resources to help you believe and improve your gracefulness:

  1. Arlene Taylor. “What Does Affirmation Mean?”
  2. Beth Levine. “How to Become Physically Graceful:”
  3. Chris Weller. “Can Clumsiness Be Cured? How Accident-Prone People Can Stop Stumbling Simply By Exercising Their Brain?”
  4. Mind Tools. “How to Be Tactful: Responding with Diplomacy and Grace:
  5. Modedion. “Poise and Posture:”
  6. Sam Page. “Get Rid of Fear and Pain Once and For all:”
  7. Wiki How. “How to Be Graceful:”

I took fencing when I was 13. Mother wanted me to gain confidence and gracefulness. The lady who taught me stated that the only graceful part of your body is your arm. I took that as a good thing. At least I have graceful arms.

In my twenties through forties, it seemed I was a little farther from gracefulness than I was at 13. I tripped over things. I sprained my ankle several times. Once ice skating which is known for creating gracefulness, once when I ran into a pole and tripped over a curb, and the last time was when I was at Western Carolina University at a Festival in October with my daughters, Lorrie and Mollie. The festival was outside. I walked on the grass. It was almost dark. I didn’t realize that there was a curb. Yes, you guessed it. I fell off an unseen curb and sprained my ankle again. Another time about thirty years later, I tripped over an unseen step because the sun blinded me.

So I am not always graceful. However, 99% of the time I’m graceful. I am getting more graceful as time goes on.

Love yourself as you are. Thank God for the gracefulness you possess. Repeat these affirmations and believe you are graceful and will continue to improve your gracefulness.

I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © 2016 Joan Y. Edwards (Gospel-related puzzles and skits)

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6 Responses

  1. I sometimes bump into walls when taking turns, laugh about it, and usually say, “Linda, there’s a wall there.” I have developed more balance and grace over the last year and a half by exercising in programs that stress balance, range of motion, and flexibility. This is definitely something we can get better at even while aging and hopefully we’ll avoid many trips, slips, and falls. I added the last three terms because these injuries happen on the job. Procedures for avoiding these are now included in safety training videos for employees. I’d say that means these happen frequently enough to stress.

    We can also train ourselves to stop thinking, “I might fall.” Instead, let’s think “I’m graceful and strong and I’ll be careful.” That’s just what I think Joan would recommend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Linda,
      Thank you for writing. It’s amazing how walls move every once in a while to remind us that they are there. It’s good that you’re able to laugh about these encounters.

      You’re really good at participating daily in exercise to develop balance, range of motion, and flexibility. I am very proud of you.

      You’re right. I try not to say the negative things about myself. However, when and if they do, I try to say the opposite and I’ll do the best I can.

      Celebrate you and your wonderful view on life.
      Never Give Up

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting links, Joan. I am exercising now more than I ever have and I think that is helping my clumsiness!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Carol,
      Thanks for writing. I’m glad you liked the links.

      I’m glad that exercising is making you more graceful. Take that other word out of your vocabulary about yourself. Try not to give it any power by mentioning it.

      So proud of you for getting in more exercise. It’s benefits will fill the internet. You are amazing. You accomplish many things in a short amount of time.

      Never Give Up


  3. Dear Joan,
    My confidence has improved,but I need push myself to exercise more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear June,
      Thanks for writing. So glad your confidence has improved. Talking ourselves into exercise is tricky. If we think of it as fun, then it makes it easier. I don’t have the answer. The answer lies somewhere within you. You’ll find it.

      Never Give Up


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