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Patricia Yager Delagrange and 10 Others Won 5 Free eBooks from Ravenswood Publishing

Copyright © Joan Y. Edwards 2015

Copyright © Joan Y. Edwards 2015


Please read to the end.

“Patricia Yager Delagrange and 10 Others Won 5 Free eBooks from Ravenswood Publishing” by Joan Y. Edwards

Thank you very much to the eleven people who left comments for Kitty Honeycutt and me on the blog post: Interview with Kitty Honeycutt of Ravenswood Publishing.

  1. Patricia Yager Delagrange
  2. Linda Martin Andersen
  3. Dr. Bob Rich
  4. Judy Pierce
  5. Gwen Feldman
  6. Ann Eisenstein
  7. Becky Shillington
  8. Janis Silverman
  9. Carol Federlin Baldwin
  10. Sandra Warren
  11. Kathleen Burkinshaw

I asked Random.org to choose one winner from these commenters. Random.org chose number 1. Therefore, Patricia Yager Delagrange, you won 5 free eBooks from Ravenswood Publishing. Congratulations! But wait a minute! This news is just in. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Kitty Honeycutt has generously offered to give 5 free eBooks to all of the eleven people listed above who left a comment on Interview with Kitty Honeycutt of Ravenswood Publishing before midnight March 29, 2015.  Please email Kitty Honeycutt at ravenswood.virtualtours@gmail.com with your 5 book choices and tell her which eBook format you would prefer. 

I hope each of you will come back and read more of my blog posts.

Celebrate you.
Never Give Up


12 Responses

  1. Hi Joan, I have a proposal, how about I give them all 5 free e-books from us of their choice? We’d love for them to read our books and perhaps even leave a review if they’d be so kind to do so! 🙂 Just have them email me at ravenswood.virtualtours@gmail.com with their choices and the format they need and I’ll be happy to send them along!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Kitty,
      Oh my goodness! How wonderful! Thank you for giving each of the eleven commenters 5 eBooks. I’ll rework this blog post to reflect the change. I know that these people will be very excited to receive 5 quality eBooks from Ravenswood Publishing. Perhaps they will also do a book review for their favorite book(s), too.

      Never Give Up


  2. Congratulations, Patricia! Hope you have a delightful time reading your gift package.


    • Dear Linda,
      Guess what! You won 5 free ebooks, too. Congratulations!

      Never Give Up


      • Unbelievable! Wow, this is a lucky day for all eleven of us! Thank you Kitty and Ravenswood Publishing! I will go shopping later today!


        • Dear Linda,
          I know. It is so exciting. I am very happy for you and the other winners of the magnificent eleven!

          Have fun shopping-opping-opping!


  3. Congratulations Patricia!


  4. THIS IS SO COOL. I never win anything and this is just what I love – books! Thanks so much, Joan. I sent you my e-mail address this morning.


    • Dear Patricia,
      Congratulations! I am so happy for you. Thank you for reading my blog and leaving sweet comments to brighten my day and Kitty Honeycutt’s day, too.

      Never Give Up


  5. Dear Kathleen,
    Guess what! You won 5 free eBooks, too. Congratulations!

    Never Give Up


  6. Dear Joan, You do such a splendid job encouraging and cheering people up with your blog. Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations to all the winners. Sarah


    • Dear Sarah,
      Thank you for writing. Thank you for the compliment. I enjoy encouraging others to keep on going. I know how difficult it can be sometimes. A few encouraging words and actions can make a big difference in a person’s life. It is an honor to do that, to be the light that shines ever so brightly that it lifts people up and helps them look at things with a different point of view…a YES, I can do it. Point of view.

      Sarah, you also do a lot of encouraging to the people in your life and those you encounter. Thank you for all that you do to help others. You are a gift.

      Thanks for reading my blog and for being a Pub Subber with me.

      Celebrate you.
      Never Give Up


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