Janis Silverman Won a Free 1000 Word Manuscript Critique

Copyright © 2014 Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2014 Joan Y. Edwards

“Janis Silverman Won a Free 1000 Word Manuscript Critique” by Joan Y. Edwards

There were four people who left comments on  7 Ways to Add Surprise to Create a Best Seller That Readers Crave

  1. Linda Martin Andersen
  2. Janis Silverman
  3. Nisha
  4. Carole Hopkins Balent

Random.org chose number 2, therefore, Janis Silverman, you won the free 1000 word manuscript critique.  Congratulations! You may send me your pitch, query letter, and manuscript not to exceed 1000 words.

Thank you to everyone for reading and commenting on my blog posts!

Never Give Up




7 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Janis. Enjoy your prize!


    • Dear Linda,
      Thanks for writing to congratulate, Janis. You are a great encourager.


  2. Excellent, Janis. Now, make Joan work hard!



    • Dear Dr. Bob,
      Thank you for writing to congratulate, Janis, and to tell her to make me work hard. LOL.



  3. Thank you! I will try to get that to you very soon.




    • Dear Janis,
      You’re welcome. I look forward to seeing your manuscript.



      • Thank you for sharing your writing with me. I enjoyed reading your manuscript. You have great ideas for mediation and group discussion. Keep going forward to publication. It’s getting closer!

        Celebrate you.
        Never Give Up


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