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7 Reasons to Submit Your Manuscript! Pub Sub


“7 Reasons to Submit Your Manuscript! Pub Sub” by Joan Y. Edwards

  1. It leads you 100 steps closer to publication and has 100% more successful track record for publication than not submitting.
  2. It gives you a wonderful reason to celebrate by going out to eat supper, call a friend you haven’t talked with in ages, buy a new craft book on writing, or  buy a best-selling book in the genre you write.

  3. It’s one step closer to meeting the world’s need to hear your voice. The world needs to hear and read the voice of every writer. Do your part to have your voice heard, submit your manuscript.

  4. It’s a step closer to receiving a return of money for all your hard work. Never pay a publisher to publish your story. Traditional publishers never charge you money. They pay you a royalty from sales. If you choose to self-publish your work, scout around and find a good deal. It does not cost an arm and a leg to self-publish today when you use print-on-demand. Submit your manuscript to at least 10 publishers/agents before you self-publish.

  5. It leaves you with a great feeling of satisfaction and well-being no other experience can give you. The feeling of knowing you are a professional writer because you submitted your work.

  6. It adds excitement to your world. Now you have the anticipation with wondering what the publisher or agent’s response will be. Be ready for either answer, but keep saying the answer is YES.

  7. It feels good to finally reach a goal and submit your work. It feels good all the way from the top of your head down to the soles of your feet.

So drop your excuses. Click on the Pub Subber links below for steps to get your manuscript ready for submission. They are also at the top of my blog. Take days, weeks, or months but, get the necessary critiques, final proofs, queries, cover letters, proposals, or other documents ready. Submit your manuscript. The links have detailed steps. I listed a few of the main parts to help you visualize the process.

Pub Subbers

Week 1 Send manuscript off for final critique before submission. Choose publisher or agent. Print Guidelines.

Week 2 Write pitch, query, cover letter, proposal, etc. to make a good impression.

Week 3 Proof read everything. Submit this week.

Week 4 Celebrate life. Write another story.

Good luck in your publication. Believe in you and your writing.


Celebrate you.
Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2014 Joan Y. Edwards


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14 Responses

  1. Joan,
    I’m getting closer to submitting thanks to another round of critiques and one of them is from you. Thank you!


    • Dear Linda,
      I’m very excited and happy that you’re getting ready to submit your manuscript! Hip Hip Hooray! You’re welcome for the critique you won to celebrate 140,000 views.

      Go, Linda Martin Andersen, go.
      Never Give Up


  2. Hi Joan,

    The other important thing is to start writing something else once you’ve submitted… Editors can take a long time to respond!

    This post did a good job of making me smile, and I need all the smiles I can get today. Thanks 🙂



    • Dear Dianna,
      Thanks for the great reminder to start writing something new once you hit the submit button or place the envelope in the slot at the Post Office. Great idea!

      I’m glad this post made you smile! Hip Hip Hooray for smiles! 😉 ;);) 😉

      Never Give Up


  3. I’m nearing the completion of my adult novel and will start submitting soon. Yeah!


    • Dear Sandra,
      Thanks for writing. I am excited for you. It is going to be a wondrous feeling to get it sent off. Celebrate each step on your publication journey.

      Never Give Up


    • Hi Sandra,
      I’m rooting for you too!


  4. Hi Sandra, am wishing you much luck! 🙂

    Thank you Joan for your inspiration!


    • Dear Kathleen,
      Thanks for writing to encourage, Sandra Warren. You’re welcome for my blog posts. I’m glad that I inspire you.

      Never Give Up


  5. Joan, your review of my manuscript was excellent. I encourage other writers to submit a manuscript to PUBSUB.

    Janis Silverman


  6. Dear Janis,
    Thank you for writing. I am excited that you thought my critique of your manuscript was excellent.
    Celebrate you.
    Never Give Up.


  7. Wonderful advice, Joan! You are such an inspiration!


    • Dear Becky, thanks for writing. I am glad you fond information that you believe is good advice in this blog post. You are an inspiration to me, too.

      Celebrate you.

      Never give up.


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