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I’ll Teach Two Workshops for the Muse Online Writers Conference October 2012

“I’ll Teach Two Workshops for the Muse Online Writers Conference October 2012” by Joan Y. Edwards

The Muse Online Writers Conference is here. Too late to register now. Be sure to register for next year in a couple of months.

I am presenting two workshops. I hope you will join me. There are many other exciting workshops, too: http://themuseonlinewritersconference.com/. Click on 2012 Workshops.

Workshop #1 (Within 4RV Publishing Area Forum)

“30 Ways to Correct, Trim, and Enhance Your Manuscript”  

This workshop is in the 4RV Forum. Look for me there.

A Five Day Workshop, Monday-Friday, Oct 8-12 and chat on Oct 13.

Correct grammar and punctuation. Format manuscript properly. Eliminate passive voice. Replace telling words with vivid showing words with emotional impact. Use the Power of Three. Use only essential backstory. Cut all the words that don’t carry the plot, character, and emotional theme forward. Delete or replace pet words. Cut the “ing” words. Cut the adverbs. Vary sentence structure and other ways to Correct, Trim, and Enhance Your Manuscript.

If a sentence, paragraph, or dialogue gives you trouble, attendees and I will give you suggestions for enhancement.

Monday Ways 1-6; Tuesday Ways 7-12; Wednesday Ways 13-18; Thursday Ways 18-24; Friday Ways 24-30.  

Workshop #2 In Regular Forum.

“How to Write an Effective Pitch That Sells”

A Five Day Workshop Monday-Friday, Oct 8-12 and chat on Oct 13

It’s in the regular forum workshop area. Look for me there.

Share your present pitch. Study pitches of the best sellers. Formulate an effective pitch that no editor, agent, or reader will be able to turn down.

Monday Study the best. What is a pitch? Why does a writer need one? Genre, page count, universal theme (____+_____ leads to _______)

Tuesday Study the best. What is the main character’s problem?

Wednesday Study the best. Tell how and why the main character changes emotionally. Explain the underlying universal theme for the story.

Thursday Try out your pitch on me. Revise it for Friday.

Friday Submit your revised pitch. I’ll read your pitch on voice recorder.

Saturday October 13 Chat

Here are comments of two writers who took my Pitch workshop with the Catholic Writers Conference Online 2012:  I appreciated their feedback. They helped me make this workshop even better than the last one. They said they had more acceptances this year. They attributed part of their success to the fact that these writers participated in my workshop. Catholic Writers Conference Online honored me by asking me to give a pre-conference Pitch workshop in 2013 so that the attendees would be more ready for their pitch sessions with Editors and Agents the next week.

  • Sherry Antonetti said, “The most valuable thing I learned during the Pitch workshop was “The how of making a pitch, the nuts, bolts and focus necessary to convey and sell one’s work in a sentence, a paragraph, a letter. I liked this workshop because of the exercises that gave us real practice, the examples of books that made it, that we could connect the dots and thus see how a pitch works, and the encouragement to try.”
  • Katherine Harms said, “I learned that writing a pitch is like creating a reduction sauce for a gourmet dish. You continually reduce the volume while concentrating the flavor elements until they are exquisite. I liked this workshop because of the resources, the samples, and the gentle guidance.”

Hope to see you there. If you didn’t get registered this year, you can try next year.

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright 2012 © Joan Y. Edwards

6 Responses

  1. Joan,
    You are so kind to share your expertise with conference attendees. I know you enjoy teaching and encouraging others. Your offerings are very much appreciated, even if no comments are left. How terrific that some attendees wrote testimonials. Those should encourage others to sign up. I hope your sessions are very well attended. Go Joan!


  2. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for writing. I love teaching and encouraging others. Thanks for saying my offerings are very much appreciated even if no comments are left. Sherry Antonetti and Katherine Harms were indeed kind to write testimonials for me. Thanks for your good wishes for the sessions.

    Do something fun today!
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


  3. Dear Joan, you are so right! My eye zeroed in at once on the ‘grammar and punctuation’ portion of your post, and I completely agree. The pitch to an editor is so important. I am sure that your workshops will be an enormous help to all who attend!


    • Dear Maureen,
      Thanks for writing. I’m honored that you believe my workshops on “grammar and punctuation” and the other on “pitch to an editor” will be an enormous help to all who attend. How sweet of you to believe in me and encourage me. Thanks.

      Do something fun!
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards


  4. Joan, I took your workshop last year, and it was one of my favorites. Your comments are always thoughtful and well-phrased. You have a real gift.


    • Dear Margaret,
      Thanks for writing. I’m glad you took my “Correct, Trim, and Enhance Your Manuscript” workshop in the Muse Online Writers Conference last year. I’m honored that it was one of your favorites. Thanks for saying my comments were always thoughtful and well-phrased. I am bowing at your words saying that I have a real gift. Thank you. You always make me feel good. I appreciate you.
      Do something fun for you today.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards


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