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How to Keep Your Comments Out of a Blog’s Spam Folder

“How to Keep Your Comments out of a Blog’s Spam Folder” by Joan Y. Edwards

It frustrates me when I look at the emails in my Spam folder. I have written to the email addresses in over 20 different comments that Akismet put in my Spam folder. The postmaster tells me there is no such address.  However, if the email address is not legitimate, it will end up in my spam folder. Many letters sound legitimate. Some ask me a question, did I design the theme myself? How do I keep spam out? They flatter me by saying they like my blog. They shared it with their cousin who was so excited he treated him to lunch. However, they really want me to click on their website(s) or buy their products. One time, a man wrote, “Dear Joan,” and signed his full name.  However, the middle of the message had links to five websites in it.

I don’t want your comments to land in my Spam folder.

Here are my hints to keep your comments out of a blog’s spam folder:

  1. Inside the comment, write the blogger’s name (Dear Joan, or Hi Joan, or just put Joan).
  2. Sign your full name at the end of the comment – that matches up with the name that you filled in the blanks. Put your first and last name.
  3. List an email that has your name in it, too. If the two names match up, it will be sent to moderation. It will not go into the Spam folder.
  4. If you list a website, list your personal website that matches your name or as something to do with the topic I wrote about.
  5. Don’t list websites that sell things.

Blogging systems have different ways to help keep spam from being posted in your blog comments area.

Akismet is the spam detection service used by WordPress. Here is a link to explain how they sort comments:


Akismet would put these two comments in the Spam folder. I made them up to show you. Can you figure out why?

Name: Jane Doe

Email Address: vmdoberman@verizon.net

Website: http://www.fakeindustries.com

In Comment Box:

Sample Spam Comment

Name: Cecil Thorpe

Email Address: jakebiking@gmail.com

Website: http://www.swimmingpools.com

In Comment Box:

Sample Spam Comment 2

Why? The email address is fake. They have a way to check it with a database of legitimate email addresses.

Why? The names do not match in email and at top listing, nor in the comment itself.

Why? The website listed might be a phishing site with malicious malware on it or instead of fake industries, it’s pharmaceuticals for drugs. WordPress lets you see a preview if the website in the Akismet folder. There were more than two links in the comment.  They change from cousin to sister, but comment was basically the same. Akismet and other spam software people have a common database that they share when people send 100’s of the very same email to different places.

Why? It’s not written to anyone in particular.

Why? It’s vague. It didn’t tell specifically how it helped.

Why? They didn’t sign their name at the end of the comment or signed a different name than the other one listed.

So you can see that Akismet or other spam determining filters do a pretty good job.

  1. They check the website links to make sure they are legitimate.
  2. They check the email addresses to make sure they are legitimate. I have written 3 people using the email addresses from a spam folder. All three had no response.
  3. They automatically put any comments with more than 2 links into the spam folder. You can change this in the WordPress settings.
  4. Many times people put links to their websites hoping to up the number of clicks on it.  Now many blogging systems have it where they don’t count when people click from the comments. It’s called “No follow.” Any links from the comments would not be counted by the search engines when determining the top rankings.
  5. If you submitted a comment on my blog post, and you don’t see it posted within 24 hours, email me at the contact email address listed in the left-hand column under my picture. I’ll retrieve it from the spam folder.

I hope this helps you know a little bit more about what spam software does to help with WordPress comments. I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading one of yours soon.


Celebrate you today.

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Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards

Updated April 28, 2013

Copyright © 2012-2013 Joan Y. Edwards


2 Responses

  1. Joan,
    Thanks to you, I have a better understanding of why some comments are automatically placed in the spam folder. Very helpful.


    • Dear Linda, Thanks for writing. I’m glad that the information I gave you helped you have a better understanding of why some comments are automatically placed in the spam folder. It took me a while to figure it all out. It’s complicated sometimes. Celebrate you!

      Smile Giggle Laugh Never Give Up Joan Y. Edwards Look for Flip Flap Floodle on Amazon


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