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Pub Subbers: What Do We Get Out of It? by Sarah Maury Swan

I asked Sarah Maury Swan to do a guest blog for April to entice you to become a PubSubber: To submit your work often as a step in getting you closer to publication. I am happy and honored to present her guest blog:

Pub Subbers: What Do We Get Out of It? By Sarah Maury Swan

If you want encouragement and positive feedback for submitting your stories, this is the place to be.  Our fearless leader, Joan Y. Edwards is such an upbeat person, it’s impossible not to follow suit.  Her small step approach—sending out a story for a critique counts as a submission—makes the process infinitely more palatable.

When I first started submitting my work, I was sure my stories would be snatched up willy-nilly (didn’t we all?) and I did have some quick successes.  But then the form rejections or the wait-three-months-with-no-reply rejections piled up.  What kept me going then were the “sorry-we-just-bought-that-kind-of-story” rejections, because they meant my writing was at least appreciated.

But the PubSubber community really keeps my spirits up these days.  It’s nice to know someone other than my family and friends has faith in me. Plus it’s another connection to people with similar passions.  Come join us and feel the energy.

Thanks to Joan’s spurring me on, I’ve started a blog about the book reviews I do for the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database: www.CLCD.com.  Please come on over and add your comments at http://sarahsbookreflections.wordpress.com/.


Sarah Maury Swan is author of “Wartime Memories of a Young Child” in the Dec. 17, 2011, New Bern, NC Sun Journal and “Horse Cuddling” in Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Fun for Kidz magazine. She is Upcoming president of Carteret Writers and ESL tutor at the Craven Literary Council.

Thank you, Sarah. You are such a jewel.

Join PubSub3rdFri – Pub Subbers Yahoo Group – This is a group that will encourage you to submit a quality manuscript often, at least once a month, to increase your chances to get published.
Subscribe pubsubbers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com/.

If you believe in the Pub Sub 3rd Fri philosophy above and submit your work to a critique group, editor, agent, or contest during 2012, and would like to have your name listed on the Pub Subbers Page, leave a comment on the Pub Subbers Page: https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/pub-subbers/. Tell me the name of the manuscript and where you sent it.

Like the Facebook Pub Subbers page: http://www.facebook.com/pubsubbers. Leave a comment when you attend a workshop or submit your work for critique or to an editor, agent, or contest. Celebrate each step you take toward your publication!

Tweet about your submissions, workshops, sending work for critiques with hash tag #pubsubbers.

I truly want you to be published!

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards

Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/joanyedwards.
Like my Facebook author page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joan-Y-Edwards-Author/111310278911077


4 Responses

  1. Sarah and Joan,

    I agree that Pub Sub is a very encouraging community. I’m glad I belong. I hope others will join us too. Thanks for sharing some of your experiences, Sarah. I enjoyed reading about you.

    Thanks for creating this yahoo group, Joan. And thanks for leading us.


  2. Dear Linda,
    Thanks for writing to Sarah and me. I’m glad you belong to Pub Subbers Yahoo Group, too. Sarah did a great job of sharing her enthusiasm about writing with us.
    Celebrate you today!
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


  3. I love the upbeat philosophy and am persuaded. Thanks for the encouraging article Sarah and Joan, you’re always so helpful and inspiring.
    It’s time I joined.


  4. Dear Anne,
    Thanks for writing to Sarah and me. I’m glad you love the upbeat philosophy and are persuaded. You’re certainly welcome. I enjoyed having Sarah on my blog. She is very enthusiastic and supportive of all who are going along the road to publication. I’m glad you’re going to join us. Write to pubsubbers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com! We look forward to seeing you in the group!
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


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