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Submit Your Manuscript – Pub Sub Goals for 2012

“Submit Your Manuscript – Pub Sub Goals for 2012” by Joan Y. Edwards

PubSub3rdFri ParticipantPub Sub 3rd Fri Participant

Today I’d like to invite you to become a Pub Subber. I’d like to see if you would join me and other writers and illustrators in PubSub3rdFri (Publisher Submission on the Third Friday of the Month).

I heard about Chris Baty’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) in November each year. In 2009, I thought why not have a system to encourage people to submit their work on a regular basis. Dun da Dunn! PubSub3rFri was born.

To become a Pub Subber, focus during 2012 on submitting one or more of your quality creative works to a critique group or professional editor, book or magazine publisher, editor, agent, or contest on the third Friday of each month.

If there are twelve of your works out there in the submission world, you’ll have a better chance of getting work published. Each time you submit your work, you increase your chances for getting published. If you submit one month out of the year, you have an 8% chance of being published. If you submit 6 months, you have increased your chances 50% for that year. If you submit all 12 months, you improve your chances 100%.

You want it to be as natural for you to submit to a publisher as it is to submit your work to a critique group. A friend reminded me that I shouldn’t submit something if it’s not ready. That’s true. You don’t want to send work that has not been proofed, revised, and proofed again. However, you may have stories that have been revised and critiqued more than twenty times. Yet, you haven’t submitted them anywhere. With PubSub3rdFri, I hope to encourage you to submit your manuscripts.

Each time you submit, print out a PubSub certificate. If you don’t have one ready to send off on the Third Friday, give yourself a rain check and submit it soon. You can download certificates and rain checks from my website: http://www.joanyedwards.com/pubsub3rdfri.htm.

The Old Way: Send quality manuscript out, wait for the answer, receive the answer, submit again.

Pub Sub Way: Send one (or more) manuscripts out on the third Friday of each month to one (or more) publishers, editors, or agents.

  • Submit your quality work (article, poem, puzzle, devotion, illustration, short story, picture book, chapter book, middle grade novel, young adult novel, adult novel, play, song, or movie)to publisher, editor, agent, or contest on the third Friday of the month. You can submit on any day of the month and as many times as you like.
  • Submit your manuscript today. It automatically increases your chance of getting it published from 0-100% from not submitting it.
  • Get your work critiqued by a critique group or professional writer or editor of your genre before you submit it to an editor or agent. Getting your work in quality condition is part of the Pub Sub 3rd Fri philosophy. Quality does not mean perfect. When you submit it, you’re saying: “This is the best I can do with the knowledge and skills that I have at the present time. This truly is my best effort.” When editors and agents see quality work, they are willing to work with you to get it ready for publication.
  • To be published, you must take action. Accept yourself as you are. Accept the editors and agents as they are. Go for it. Send a query or manuscript now! This is the only way that an agent or editor will be able to discover how great your story is.
  • Once you get started, you’ll be submitting as a habit. Your belief in yourself will grow. It says to your inner self that you believe in your story. That you have faith in it. Faith in your story takes it to publication.
  • Celebrate each time you submit. Celebrate each time you revise. Celebrate each time you write, draw, sing, create. Celebrate yourself every day!

Besides the certificates and the rainchecks, I also have a Pub Subbers Page to advertise your belief in Pub Subbing, your creative works, and you.

It contains the names and personal blogs/websites of people who believe in the Pub Sub 3rd Fri philosophy and as a result, they submit their quality work more frequently to critique groups, editors, agents, or contests.

As a result of their more frequent submissions, many members of PubSub3rdFri have been published in newspaper articles, magazine articles, won contests, and/or received a book contract(s). When members let me know their publication successes, I list them beside their names.

May I count you as a Pub Subber? If so, let me know.

If PubSub3rdFri sounds like a good idea to you and during 2012, submit your work to a critique group, editor, agent, or contest and leave a comment on the Pub Subbers Page: https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/pub-subbers/.

Say “I will submit a query or manuscript to an editor, agent, publisher, or critique group at least once a month during 2012. Count me in for Pub Sub 3rd Fri 2012.” Tell me the name of the manuscript, where you sent it and when, along with your name and website/blog. Let me know when you get published. I visualize you as published. Visualize yourself as published. I’ll add the name of the article, book, or illustration beside your name when you are published. Leave a comment on the Pub Subbers Page: https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/pub-subbers/.

Your goal: “I will submit a query or manuscript to an editor, agent, publisher, or critique group at least once a month during 2012. I believe I will be published. In my mind, I am a published author or illustrator on or before December 31, 2012.”

Even with complications and obstacles, the vision of success in your mind, the excitement of getting it, your thankfulness, and your action toward it will create the reality for you. Good luck! I know that many of you are participating in Pub Sub without letting me know. That’s okay. As long as I’m helping you, it’s okay. I’d like to give you recognition of your belief in yourself to build your confidence and expand your beliefs. Please let me know you are joining me and the 16 other people. My goal this year is:

Over 100 people join me in Pub Sub 3rd Fri during 2012. I hope you will be one of them. I wish you success.

The following links give you ideas of what to focus on each week of the month to be ready to submit your manuscript on the third Friday.

Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four.

More PubSub3rdFri posts:

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope I’ve inspired you to believe in yourself. Join 64 other people who have subscribed to my blog.  Click the Sign Me Up in the left hand column, or click on Follow if it is visible at the top of the page. When I reach 100 email subscribers, I’ll choose ten at random subscribers to win a free first page critique.  The 100th subscriber will win a free critique of the first 1000 words of a manuscript, along with its pitch.  That sounds like fun to me. I hope it sounds like fun to you, too.

I’d be honored if you share this blog post with your friends..

Celebrate you. You’re the only human being exactly like you.
Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2012 Joan Y. Edwards


2 Responses

  1. Count me in, dear friend. Thanks to a blog giveaway in 2011, I won a free manuscript and pitch critique, which I emailed that to you today. I started the New Year with PubSub on my mind. I plan to make it a part of every month to come. Thanks for the encouragement.


  2. You’re very welcome. Congratulations on starting the new year with a submission for a critique! Hip Hip Hooray! You Go, Linda.


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