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List of Goals and Encouragement Posts on My Blog

Dear Readers,

Below I’ve listed the goals and encouragement posts that are on my blog. I thought it might help you find what you need. Enjoy.

17 Days to Repaint a Wooden French Provincial Bed
43 Ways to Prevent, Lessen, and/or Eliminate Stress
About Me
Agent wants to see my work
Art Can Inspire and Relax
Ask for God’s help
A Writer Needs a Bullet-Proof Vest and Helmet
Being Calm in the Face of Emergency
Celebrating over 10,000 Readers
Dance Your Way to Cheerfulness
Do It and the Energy Will Come
Do You Have an Overactive Inner Critic?
Does Your Anger Leave You Sizzling?
Doing Something for Others Will Make you Feel Better
Does the Weather Control Your Happiness?
Don’t Give Up…Read My Blog!
Ducky Ride in Seattle
Enjoy What You Have
Family Sewing Projects – Jedi Robes and Princess Leia Ponchos
Find Your Laughing Place
Focus an Hour
Food Brings Us Closer to God
For Fun: Enter Washington Post Style Invitational Contest
Four Steps to Success: Gratitude, Education, Motivation, and Faith
From Caterpillars to Chrysalis
Getting Motivated to Take a Risk
Go Ahead and Cry
God’s Emergency Phone List
God Will Show You How by Mary L. Kupferle public domain
Happy Birthday Never Give Up Blog!
Happy Second Birthday, Never Give Up Blog!
How to Digitize and Share Your Priceless Family Slides, Movie Reels, and Photos
Hubcap Adventure by Joan Y. Edwards
If You Are Worried, Take Action
Illustration Friday
I Received a Signed Contract from 4RV Publishing for My “Joan’s Elder Care Guide”
I Said a Prayer for You Today by Joan Y. Edwards
Is Blaming Beneficial or Is It Better to Say: “It is what it is” and Go On?
I Should Have Stayed in Bed by Joan Y. Edwards
Jokes and Puns Make Life Fun
Laugh: It’s Healing
My First Blog Portfolio
Now I Lay My Manuscript Down by Joan Y. Edwards
Oceanside, Oregon: Beauty and Few Distractions
Read Positive Minded Quotes on the Web
Roxie Put Me in the Spotlight on Her Blog
Sing Songs to Cheer Your Mood and Heal Yourself or Others You Care For
Slow-It-Down Saturday
Spruce Goose Helped in the Design of Big Jets Today
Start a Good Mood: Watch a Funny Movie
You Are a Butterfly
You Are Special – One of a Kind
What to Do on a Whimsical Wednesday?
What to Do When You’ve Strayed Away from Your Goal
What You Say and God’s Reply
Walking with Joan 1
Walking with Joan 2 – My Neighborhood
Walking with Joan 3
When You’re Feeling Low
Whimsical Wednesday
Whimsical Wednesday 2
Writer Needs a Bullet-Proof Vest and Helmet
Writing Goals Memo board with Post-It Digital Notes
You Make a Difference

Prize Winners
The Winners of My Birthday Blog Giveaways
The 50th Person to Subscribe was Mary W. Jensen
…And the winners are Linda Andersen and Jean Matthew Hall
Margaret Fieland Won a Free Critique
The Winner of the Free Critique for Pub Subbing in February is Steve Mathison(#PubSub3rdFri
Samantha Bell won the free paperback copy of Flip Flap Floodle
Linda Andersen and Mary Jo Nickum Won a Free Critique
The Winner of the Free Paperback Copy of Flip Flap Floodle is Ann Eisenstein
And the Winners of a Free Critique Are
Three Winners of Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, and Literary Agents
Winner of Joan’s Plot Diagram


2 Responses

  1. Hi Joan,

    I enjoyed looking back over the blog post list. I especially liked learning about digital post it notes. It’s fun to learn new things.


    • Dear Linda,
      Thanks for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed going back in time to the goals and encouragement blogs. I’m glad you enjoy learning new things like the Digital Post It Notes. Enjoy your evening.

      Creativity is a way of life.


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