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Free – Register Now – Muse Online Writers Conference – October 3-9, 2011

The Muse Online Writers Conference created by Lea Schizas is one of the best I’ve attended. It’s free. I attended it in 2009 and in 2010. During the 2010 Conference, my online pitch for “Joan’s Elder Care Guide”  was accepted by Vivian Zabel, President of 4RV Publishing. She asked for a proposal and first three chapters. In April, I signed a contract with release date: June 2015. Yippee! I’m still dancing on the ceiling.
Register before September 25th. Don’t miss it. Register now, it doesn’t cost anything.  If you’re awaya few days, register now and stop by when you’re home. The information you receive will educate and inspire you. You can download the handouts, review the posts on the forums, and review the transcripts of the chat sessions pretty much whenever you please. You can access the forum workshops 24 hours a day.
To register for this conference which is being held October 3-9th 2011, go to Registrations

Choose a user name and password. If you attended last year, use the same user name and password.

Once you have a user name and password go to the forum, click on the poll in the first item in the forum. Click on either you are going or count you in. Either choice registers you. (They couldn’t have a poll without two choices.) It’ll show you the result of the poll. Then you know you’re registered.

If you want to do a pitch (150-200 words) with a publisher or literary agent, you have to register and send a letter to Lea Schizas telling which publisher or agent you would like to pitch. In it put your name, email, title, genre, word count, and your 150-200 word pitch. She approves that you are pitching the right kind of manuscript for the editors and agents who have been kind enough to allow pitches. She’ll let you know if you have been given an appointment for your pitch. 

If Lea schedules you for a pitch session with an agent or a publisher,  be there 15 minutes prior to the time Lea Schizas assigns you. If you’re late, you may miss your pitch time.  Pitches are given in a special chat room. You divide your pitch into 4 lines at a time, usually. Because the chat software can’t handle more than that at one time. You have it ready to copy and paste into the chat window. You can go to a chat room and practice your pitch before the conference begins. You can also set up your own chat room to practice at http://www.chatsy.com.

2011 Workshops and Pitch Sessions http://themuseonlinewritersconference.com/joom/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=30&Itemid=27 

4RV Publishing http://4rvpublishingllc.com/
Andrea Brown Agency http://www.andreabrownlit.com/agents.php
Blue Leaf Publications http://blueleafpub.com/ 
Clear Sailing Creatives Agencyhttp://clearsailingcreatives.com/
Crescent Moon Press http://www.crescentmoonpress.com/
Draumr Publishing  http://www.draumrpublishing.com/index.php
Eternal Press http://eternalpress.ca/
Guardian Angel Publishing http://guardianangelpublishing.com/
Jennifer Etherton Literary Agency http://jeliteraryservices.wordpress.com/2010/12/19/hello-world/
KT Literary Agency http://ktliterary.com/about/
Larsen Pomada Literary Agency http://www.larsenpomada.com/
MuseItUp Publishing http://www.museituppublishing.com/
MuseItHOT Publishing http://www.museithotpublishing.com/
OtherSheep Magazine http://www.other-sheep.com/content/othersheep_guidelines.pdf

I am going to present two workshops. Please join me.

One Monday through Friday workshop “20 Ways to Correct, Trim, and Enhance Your Manuscript” in the 4RV Publishing Forum section.

Guide to correct grammar and punctuation, replace telling words with vivid
showing words with emotional impact, cut the words that don’t carry the
plot, character, and emotional theme forward. Is it backstory? Does it
contain crucial information? Or can it be eliminated with no loss of
comprehension. Power of three…Delete or replace pet words. Vary sentence
structure. Ideas to enhance your manuscript. If a sentence is giving your trouble, I’ll help with it.

Another Monday through Friday workshop in the forum: “PubSub3rdFri:” 

PubSub3rdFri The goal of PubSub3rdFri is to submit an article, poem, puzzle, illustration, song, or book manuscript to a publisher, agent, contest, or for critique on the third Friday of each month for a whole year or longer. The workshop contains step by step directions, skills, and resources to encourage you to submit your work, and explain the steps to take to get your submission in the mailbox or sent through email on submission day.

PubSub3rdFri is a way to encourage and empower writers and artists to submit their work for publication often…at least once a month on the third Friday. The more times you submit a quality work, the better chance you have to find the right match for it. When you submit often and to more places, you’ll get published sooner. You’ll gain the skills and confidence you need to find the right publisher for your work. Each time you submit, you increase your chance to be published.

My PubSub3rdFri workshop has outlines and resources to build your skills to encourage you to submit your work, and the detailed steps to get you ready on the third Friday of the month or the submission day you choose.

Hopefully, at the end of your year at PubSubbing, you will have submitted more creative work than you did last year! That’s something to be proud of! That is a great gift to give yourself!

To see the other 50 workshops being offered, scroll down the following link: http://themuseonlinewritersconference.com/joom/index.php?option=com_content

Good luck to you! I hope you decide to register for The Muse Online Writers Conference. I believe you will find information to educate and inspire you! To get in touch with Lea Shizas, email her: Lea Schizas

Thank you for reading my blog. May God bless you abundantly.

Please leave a comment below. I enjoy hearing from you.

Sign up for an email subscription from the left hand column. If you’re the 50th subscriber, you will win a choice of a free paperback copy of Flip Flap Floodle who says, “Never Give Up” or a 1001 Ways to Market Your Books by John Kremer.

Joan Y. Edwards 



2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on being permitted to present two sessions at the Muse Conference.

    Way to go Joan!

    Linda A.


    • Dear Linda, Thanks for being happy about my being permitted to present two sessions at the Muse Conference. It is an honor. It’ll also be fun. I hope your day is filled with abundance.

      Joan Dream! Love! Laugh! Never Give Up. http://www.joanyedwards.com http://www.joanyedwards.wordpress.com


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