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Let Go of the Old; Put OOMPH into the New (PubSub3rdFri)

“Let Go of the Old; Put OOMPH into the New (PubSub3rdFri)” by Joan Y. Edwards

Dear Pub Subbers,

Keep the faith in you and your story. Let go of the old version and put OOMPH into the new version.

Negative Feedback can be an earthquake when you thought your manuscript was on solid ground. It’s like a baseball shattering the plate-glass window in front of your favorite character. You swore you weren’t going to take anything personally. But, the fact is, you did. So now what are you going to do? Have a memorial service for the old version. Let it go. Accept your tears, clinched fists, and headaches. Cry. Shed tears. Pray. Release them all. Appreciate the old story for bringing you to a new place.

Revise and Put OOMPH into a new version.

FOCUS and Embrace all the OOMPH possibilities of character, plot, and setting that you can drop into your story to make it shine. Celebrate where you are now. Believe that you can and will write a new powerful rendition that you will like even better than the old one. Rekindle your writing spirit. Read best-selling works similar to yours. Study craft books. Be thankful. Motivate yourself. Imagine. Create. Write.

In a kiln, pottery changes into something more beautiful, waterproof, and stronger. In the kiln of your imagination, your story becomes better, stronger, and highly marketable. When it’s ready, send your new version to a publisher, agent, or contest. Envision a copy of your published book in your hand. Imagine dancing with it all night long. Keep the faith in your story. Your faith in yourself and your writing will take it to a wonderful version that will take you to publication.

Send it off. Rejoice.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please leave a comment. I value your opinions. I love reading your stories and opinions.

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Celebrate Yourself

Never Give Up

Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2011 Joan Y. Edwards

Please note: This is a revision of the “Bury the Old” August PubSub blog post. It was too-oo-0 sad.LOL


11 Responses

  1. Joan, I really got a chuckle out of the funeral idea. What I actually do is cut whatever it is, and save it somewhere.


  2. Dear Margaret,
    I’m glad you got a chuckle out of the funeral idea. That’s what I was hoping for. What you do – Cut and save it somewhere, is a great idea. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a note telling me a little about what you think. Do something fun for you today.

    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


  3. Joan,

    I enjoyed the humor you expressed about having a funeral for a manuscript. Some do need to be tossed. Others may need to be rethought. Some may be dated and considered old fashioned. Sometimes they need a makeover. They’re still breathing, but just barely. “An Extreme Makeover” can take your breath away, but it may be just what the editors want. A writer must stay true to himself/or herself, or maybe not? That’s a decision that has to be made.

    Good luck with any revisions you’re working on.

    Linda A.


    • Dear Linda, Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to let me know your opinions about revisions. I like your idea of “An Extreme Makeover.” That’s an interesting concept. Thank you for wishing me good luck with the revisions I’m working on. I’m in a period of mourning for one of my manuscripts. I haven’t had the memorial service yet. It’ll be held tomorrow from 8 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. I’ve got to let it go so I can get on with the story and put new life into it. Do something good to celebrate your many talents! May many outstanding characters pop into your head.

      Never Give Up http://www.joanyedwards.wordpress.com Joan Y. Edwards


  4. Great ideas, Joan.

    Thanks s much for attending our workshop last Sat.



    • Dear Jean, You’re welcome. I enjoyed the workshop. I’m still sad about having to say Goodbye to parts of my manuscript. But I’m going to renovate it and put the fun back into it in a different format. Thanks for you and Donna Earnhardt giving the Write 2 Ignite “A Day Set Apart” workshop and giving those who attended good advice about revisions. I also enjoyed meeting the wonderful new people. May God bless you for all you do to help others. Do something to celebrate being you!

      Enjoy Life’s Journey Never Give Up Joan Y. Edwards


  5. Hi Joan,

    This is a great post. I think all of us will have to face at least one major story renovation on the path to success as an author, probably more; a good book is rewritten, after all.

    Personally I’m facing a dilemma: I’m in the midst of a rewrite, and I’m starting to consider turning my novel from a first person into a third person on the next draft. My compromise is that I’ll do another minor edit and then send it out to a few places; if nobody likes it, I’ll rewrite it into third person and try again. That’s going to suck a lot though. And take a long time.

    Thanks for posting this.


    • Dear Dianna, Thanks for reading my blog. I loved reading your opinions about rewrites. Changing from first person to third person in a novel is a lot of work. I think you’re wise to send it out to a few places and see their response before doing the major overhaul of the whole novel. They say we shouldn’t change our manuscript unless we agree 100% with the changes. Reward yourself each step of the way. Good luck to you.

      Never Give Up Joan Y. Edwards


  6. Very funny. I’m like Margaret though – I wouldn’t be able to bury it. Cut it out and stick it in a File somewhere, yes.


    • Dear Karen, Thank you very much for reading my blog. Thanks for leaving your opinions in a comment, too. I actually buried one manuscript today. I still have it on my computer, but I believe I’m going to start the manuscript over again. I deleted the version I printed microscopic size. I still have it in other sizes that can be read. But I’m not going to read it. I’m going to focus all of it on humor. I think it’ll work. It’ll make me happy because I love humor. I’ll let you know how it works out. Thanks for caring about me and my manuscripts.

      Writing Books Children Love

      Joan Y. Edwards Blog: http://www.joanyedwards.wordpress.com/


  7. No one actually wrote telling me that they revised a story during August. Therefore, I don’t have anyone to give the prize to. I’ll try a different approach for September.


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