My First Blog Portfolio

“My First Blog Portfolio” written and illustrated by Joan Y. Edwards

Dear Readers,

During the last few years, I got distracted and discouraged about drawing, coloring, and illustrating. From doing the research for my article, “Find Your Creative Edge” for the SCBWI July-August Bulletin, I got inspired by Penelope Dullaghan and Brianna Privett with Illustration Friday and encouraged to draw, color, and paint again.  Also, a friend, Ann Eisenstein, author of Hiding Carly, said, “Joan, please put some of your drawings on your blog. I’d love to see them.” Thank you, Ann.

I also bought an iPad. I downloaded a free program called “Jot Free” because it looked like fun. I did research in a software magazine for iPad and online and found an inexpensive art software, “Art Studio.” It cost $2.99 plus tax.  I worked with these this weekend. Here are a few laughable portraits. Please give me a few points for the improvement of your health. Laughter is healing.  I didn’t draw people in Flip Flap Floodle.  My goal is to be able to draw believable and people to use in my next books. I also want to do a few cartoons. Right now, I’m closer to the cartoon stage. But I’ll grow in skills and knowledge as I draw and study more. Education and motivation are the keys to success. That’s my aim.

Both programs allow you to email the sketches through email.

Jots sends jpg images.

Art Studio sends png and/or photoshop images.  I have converter software to convert the pngs to jpgs.

I doodle on my iPad and smooth it out and make it better in Corel Painter X software on my main computer.

Here is my gallery for you. I’ll do the cartoon first.

Amy and Doug Cartoon

 1  2
  3    (He’s Doug.)  4

Here is one I started on Art Studio on my iPad. I added a few colors. Then finished it on my main computer with Corel Painter X.

Now for another transformation. I thought when I sketched this, it would be good for a blond-headed man with glasses. The sketch was a little fuzzy, but I decided to do it as a blonde, without glasses.

 Draft in Art Studio-iPad.


Watercolor and Liquid Inks

Now for the last set for my first blog portfolio is of a man who turned out to be a  football player.


I hope you enjoyed this illustration venture on my blog. Do a few doodles yourself. It’s fun. It’s healing.The only way I could get these pictures to stay in the gallery where I wanted them was to copy and paste a blank table from Word. That worked pretty good.Tell me which one(s) you liked.  I’ll do more every once in awhile. You can see if I’ve improved any.Do something that’s fun and healing for you.Never Give Up

Joan Y. Edwards

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Copyright © 2011 Joan Y. Edwards


8 Responses

  1. Joan,

    What a great idea! Sounds like you’re really enjoying your new iPad and programs. Good for you! Thanks for sharing your artwork. I love the different drawings.

    My prediction is that Amy, the girl who was supposed to go get salt, never returns. She’s hooking up with the football player. Sorry Doug. Girls can’t resist a uniform!

    Linda A.


    • Dear Linda,
      Thanks for stopping by to see my online gallery in my Blog Portfolio. I’m glad you think it’s a good idea. I really have enjoyed drawing and editing them and improving them. Thanks for telling me you love the different drawings.
      Your prediction that Amy who leaves to go get the salt never returns because she’s hooking up witht he football player. That is too, funny.
      I hope others leave comments, too.
      Enjoy your afternoon.


  2. How interesting, Joan. You are so open to new things and you keep the content of your blog fresh and diverse.




    • Dear Jean, Thanks for reading my blog. I am glad you find it interesting. I enjoy learning new things. It’s fun for me. It gives me new ways to reach my goals. Do something good for you today. Try something new that you’ve been wanting to do but have put it off. Reward yourself for taking a step toward it. You will be surprised at how energizing and rewarding on the inside this is. God gives us more power than we realize.

      Enjoy Life’s Journey Don’t Give Up – Read my blog –

      Joan Y. Edwards


  3. YEA!!! Wonderful! I love this, Joan! You are a gifted and talented woman indeed! I am looking outside at the rain – waiting for the watermelons – and Doug!
    Thanks for sharing!


    • Dear Ann, Thanks for reading. I’m glad you like it. Thank you for encouraging me to do it. I was brave enough to try because of your interest. Thank you for saying I am gifted and talented. We have to look for the watermelons in life, don’t we? They are there! I didn’t draw them in this one, but you could see them, so hey. That is good. I’m glad I made you laugh. Do something fun for yourself. Eating watermelon sounds yummy.

      Enjoy Life’s Journey Don’t Give Up – Read my blog –

      Joan Y. Edwards


  4. These tools look so great. Great sketches. Thanks for sharing.


    • Dear Karen, Thanks for reading my blog. I’m glad you liked the tools. I am bowing humbly when you say the sketches are great. Thank you very much. I hope your books – “Days End Lullaby” and “Walking Through Walls” are selling like hot cakes. I am honored by your presence at my blog.

      Enjoy Life’s Journey Don’t Give Up – Read my blog –

      Joan Y. Edwards


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