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Submit Your Work This Month (PubSubber)

Dear Pub Subbers,

I remember how hard it is to share your work with others. You might have a difficult time processing the information you receive. You might be fearful. However, it is a vital step to get your work in the highest possible condition to give you the advantage you desire for publication.  To encourage you a little more and to help build that confidence and belief in yourself, I added sending your work to a critique group or individual for credit with PubSub3rdFri.  You can have your name entered into a contest for a free critique by submitting your work for critique as well as sending it to a publisher, agent, or contest.

Celebrate! Get excited! Be Very Happy! Let your happiness show. I encourage you to take advantage of a critique group. If you aren’t in a critique group, join an active one or start one of your own. Submit your work to a critique groups, a professional editor, a free critique by someone, a publisher, an agent, or for a contest. When you get negative feedback…remember that feedback is neither positive or negative until you decide which it is.

Margot Finke: “How to Start a Critique Group”

Margo Finke:  “Critique Groups: Where to Find Them”

Submit a manuscript, query letter, cover letter, proposal, or first page to a critique group on a regular basis. Getting a critique is an essential step in getting your manuscript ready to submit to a publisher, agent, or contest. It takes courage and perseverance to get your writing into a publishable condition. After you’ve written your work, studied it, and revised it, you need someone to read what you’ve written. You need your work critiqued by a writing group.

It may be difficult for you, as a writer, to share your creations with a group of other writers. It’s a two-edged sword. You want their opinions, but you fear their opinions. These thoughts go through your mind: Will they like it? Is it good writing? Does it hold their interest? What will they say? What does it mean if they don’t like it? Does it mean I’m not a good writer? Does it mean I’ll never get this book published?

Calm down. Don’t take a critique of your writing personally. When you ask someone a yes or no question, you must respect their right to give you a yes or no answer.Their answer doesn’t make it true. It’s just an opinion. The only person who can make it true is you. If you believe it, then it’s true. Only believe what you think is 100 per cent accurate. Don’t make changes unless you agree 100 per cent with the change.

According to Bob Proctor, two things that lead to success are education and motivation. You have the motivation. The results of the critique will be your education. You are investing in your future as a writer when you take a chance on yourself and let someone critique your work. You will learn facts to fuel you to the next level of your career. You will find out where your strengths are. This will give you confidence. Ask the people who are going to critique your work these seven questions (plus others, if you’d like) about your work:

1. What are the strong points of this story?

2. Did the story hold your interest? If so, why? If not, why not?

3. Which scene was your favorite? Why?

4. Who was your favorite character? Why?

5. Do you have any ideas for improvement in the following areas: characterization, dialogue, plot, setting, descriptions, punctuation, or grammar.

6. Who do you think would like to read this story? Why?

7. What publishers might be interested in this story? Why?

8. Highlight three Blue Ribbon passages.

(See my blog post “Questions for a Critique” https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/2011/02/12/questions-for-a-critique/ for more information about critiques.)

At this point, you are ready for the other steps for Week One of PubSub3rdFri. Go to the appropriate links below for more help and resources.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three Pub Sub Friday

(See other Pub Sub 3rd Fri blog posts: https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/category/writing/pub-sub-3rd-fri/)

Submit your work. You are worth it. Good luck with all your publication endeavors.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © 2011 Joan Y. Edwards


16 Responses

  1. Joan,

    I hope lots more people sign up with PubSub3rdFri now that critiques count too.

    Linda A.


    • Dear Linda, I hope more people sign up for PubSub3rdFri, too. We can all get published!

      Never Give Up Blog http://www.joanyedwards.wordpress.com


  2. […] Submit Your Work to a Critique Group, Publisher, Agent, or Contest During May (PubSub3rdFri) (joanyedwards.wordpress.com) […]


  3. Hi Joan,

    I appreciate that I have won so many nice prizes from you and your blog. I have a free critique and a query in reserve. What a nice treat. Please do not enter my name in the May drawing, although I would like to be put in furture drawings, but only after I have redeemed these prizes.

    Thanks for encouraging us all to write and submit.

    Linda A.

    I have two submissions to post:
    Runaway Beach Ball
    April 29, 2011
    Postal mail
    Linda Andersen

    Riddles About a House Museum: The 1897 Poe House, Fayetteville, North Carolina
    May 6, 2011
    Postal Mail
    Linda Andersen


  4. Dear Linda,
    Way to go! Two submissions. Hurray for you. I won’t put your name in the hat for the May chances to win a free critique as you requested.
    And to think you submitted them on your birthday! Happy Birthday, Linda. I hope both of your submissions receive a big “YES.”
    Do something fun for yourself today!
    Joan Y. Edwards


  5. I submitted my YA sci fi novel to Etopia press;

    ya sci fi
    submitted to Etopia Press
    may 4th
    Margaret Fieland


    • Dear Margaret,
      I am very proud of you. Hurray for your courage in submitting your YA Science Fiction Novel to Etopia Press. I have entered your name in the contest to win a free critique by me. Do something fun to celebrate being you.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards


  6. Hi Joan,

    I sent a poem to the Blue Mountain Arts poetry contest. It feels good to have sent an entry. Yay me!

    Linda A.


    • Dear Linda,
      I am very proud of you. Hurray for being courageous! Good for you! Do something else good for you today!
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards


  7. I submitted Book 1 of my middle grade mystery series, HIDING CARLY, SEAN GRAY, JUNIOR SPECIAL AGENT (JSA) series
    Tracey Adams, Adams Literary
    Their online Submission Form
    Ann E Eisenstein


    • Dear Ann,
      I am very proud that you submitted Hiding Carly to Tracey Adams at the Adams Literary Agency. Good luck with your submission. It’s a great story. I think she’ll like it. It’s so cool that the FBI is collaborating with you to write more books along this same line. I have entered you into the May PubSub3rdFri contest for a free critique.
      Do something good for you today!
      Joan Y. Edwards


  8. Posted by: “Sarah Swan” dale4sarah@suddenlink.net spotslover2
    Wed May 25, 2011 2:24 pm (PDT)

    Hi Joan, I have the worst time figuring out how to post to your pubsub blog
    thread. I submitted the first chapter and a synopsis of my YA novel,
    TERROR’S IDENTITY, to a local publisher-McBryde’s Publishing of New Bern-on
    May 5th, by email and just got back a kind rejection note from the editor,
    Skip Crayton. I’ve pasted his comments below because they are encouraging.

    Sarah, thanks for giving me the chance to take a look at Terror’s Identity.
    I really liked the premise of your story and can honestly say that you
    appear to have what it takes, talent. I must be honest, however. I find
    reading a book or manuscript in first person, present tense very awkward and
    therefore I may not have given you as fair a chance as I would in another
    tense. That being said, I feel that McBryde may not be the best fit for you.
    Good luck and keep writing. I hope that you will find your niche. All my
    best. Skip

    So now I’m going to submit it to Arthur A. Levine Books at Scholastic.
    Cheers, Sarah.


    • Dear Sarah,
      Thanks for letting me know about your submission. Sorry you had difficulty getting the comment thread to work. At the bottom of the pubsub3rdfri post in your email, there are two places that should take you to the comment section: 1. A link is at the bottom of the letter with the post in it: Leave a comment. Click on that and you should be at the right place. 2. Below the letter it has a link. comment 1 comment, 2 comments, 3 comments, etc. Click on it. Perhaps WordPress was having problems. On the posted page on the site, scroll down below the post and you should see a box to write in your comment. Sometimes it sends it to me for approval. Please try again and leave a comment here.
      I am excited about your submission of TERROR’S IDENTITY to McBryde’s Publishing in New Bern. I know that you were honored by the personal response that you got telling you that you have talent. Let that seep into you and fill you with faith and confidence to continue on. I’m glad that you plan to send it to Arthur A. Levine Books at Scholastic. It’s always good to have next place in mind. You might play around with the first page or two and see how it would go in past tense. Just to see what the editor was talking about. He might be interested in seeing it again if you wrote it in past tense. There are other books written as you did yours. First Person, Present Tense. If you try it and you still don’t agree with it 100%, strengthen your believe and faith and go forward. Visualize yourself signing a contract in front of a notary public. Go for it. Do something good to celebrate you.
      Joan Y. Edwards


  9. I’ve been looking for a site like this where I could get some inspirational feedback on what to expect from my blog since it has yet to produce any favorable results other than comments. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards,

    Steve Smith


    • Dear Steve,
      Thanks for writing. Here are some ideas you might try to make your blog have more visitors. Explain more about how you want to help people on your site. They shy away from sites that seem geared only on getting money. Explain what affiliate junction is and what its purpose is. Tell a little about your music and your writing. Make your site about a few things combined. People want to learn something when they go to a site. Set out to teach them. Good luck with your site!
      Do something good for you today.
      Joan Y. Edwards


  10. There were three people who let me know that they submitted work:
    Margaret Fieland, publisher
    Ann Eisenstein, agent
    Sarah Swan, publisher

    Linda Andersen asked not to be included in the drawing this month.

    I used Random.org and it chose number 1. Therefore, Margaret Fieland won a free critique from me.

    Margaret, please send me 1500 words, and 10 questions you wish me to answer about your work. Send it to joanyedwards@earthlink.net.

    Congratulations to everyone who submitted during May! Congratulations, Margaret for winning the free critique!

    Do something good for you today!
    Never Give Up

    Joan Y. Edwards


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