For Fun: Enter Washington Post Style Invitational Contest

Dear Honored Readers,

I received a message from Pat Myers with the Washington Post. She sent me the following comment after reading my blog post entitled: Wonderfully Funny Analogies and Metaphors.

“It’s true — these were among the winners of some long-ago “bad analogies” contests by in The Style Invitational, The Washington Post’s weekly humor/wordplay contest.If you liked these, you should check out the Invitational every week at There’s a different contest — and a different kind of contest — every Friday afternoon (you have nine days to enter). And even if you don’t enter, it makes great reading. Coming on July 30 around 3 p.m. EDT: the results of our contest for song parodies about the oil spill — they’re terrifically clever. And the new contest is our most beloved wordplay challenge.

I hope you become a regular reader and even a regular entrant.”
Signed Pat Myers, Empress of The Style Invitational, Washington Post
You can email her at Put contest or question in your email.

This webpage has information about the current contest that began on Friday, July 17, 2010. It also has links to earlier contests and their results. You can sign up for a free subscription. It’ll ask if you want special newsletters sent, then it’ll take you right to the article about the style invitational. However, it has no direct newsletter about contest.

Pat says you can search on your Facebook for Washington Post Style. On each Friday, Pat Myers, known as, Empress of the Style Invitational, posts a link to the contest information. This may be the simplest way. The contest goes online every Friday afternoon between 3 and 3:30 Eastern time. She sends an announcement from to that page after I post the new column every week. She says that’s the best way to get immediate notification.

Have fun!

The sixth person after May 12, 2010 to subscribe from the left hand column where it says, “Sign me up” will receive a free paperback copy of Flip Flap Floodle, a little duck who never gives up on his song. Don’t give up on your song, either.

Please share a comment, ask a question, or leave information in the comment section below. Thanks a bunch for reading!

Have a Flip Flap Floodle Day!

Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright 2010 Joan Y. Edwards. All rights reserved.


2 Responses

  1. Joan,
    You were contacted by the Washington Post? Wow! How exciting! What a great surprise!

    Don’t ever think only a few are reading your blog posts. These contests are great opportunities for those who like to share humorous writings.

    Linda A.


    • Dear Linda, Thanks for sending your comments. Yes, Pat Myers from the Washington Post very kindly wrote a comment on my blog. Thanks for being excited for me. Humor is universal. Everyone loves to laugh.

      Have a Flip Flap Floodle Day!

      Joan Y. Edwards


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