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Go Ahead and Cry

Go Ahead and Cry

 by Joan Y. Edwards, February 23, 2010

Are you angry, mad, and ticked off, too?
Are you sad, tearful, and way down the loo?
Have things piled up and all you do is sigh?
Go ahead and cry.

You’re singing your bottom of the barrel song.
 No one understands. You don’t belong.
 When you holler for help, only your voice echoes in the sky.
 Go ahead and cry.

When you’re stuck in an emotion,
You can’t unglue the potion,
 Set a box of tissues close by.
 Go ahead and cry.

Tears wash away the sadness oohs.
Tears free us from the gluey goos.
Tears forgive who, what, and why.
Go ahead and cry.

Accept and forgive this moment in time.
Don’t spend your lifetime covered in slime.
Don’t be shy.
Go ahead and cry.

Begin a new day with a bath of tears.
You’ll discover better ways of facing your fears.
You’ll feel spry.
Go ahead and cry.

Tears clean the windows of your soul.
You can see to climb out of this hole.
Happiness and peace you cannot buy.
Go ahead and cry.

You’ll see possible ways to live.
For your heart to give, receive, and give.
Instead of eating a piece of pie,
Go ahead and cry.

As your tears dry, you’ll see God’s path.
You’ll rid yourself of wrath.
Tell doom and gloom goodbye. 
Go ahead and cry.


4 Responses

  1. Joan,

    Guess what popped in my head? “Cry all the way to the market.” I’ll have to look that one up.

    A tear-jerker movie usually makes me feel better. Tears must remove a lot of stress. We all need to cry sometimes.

    I’m glad to know you’re doing better today.



    • Dear Linda, Thanks for writing. I am very glad that I’m feeling better. I don’t like for sadness to have a grip on me. Tears did help me get rid of a lot of stress. I am thankful to God for that. Do something good for yourself today!

      Enjoy Life’s Journey Don’t Give Up – Read my blog –

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  2. Joan,

    I discovered I should have said, “Cry all the way to the bank.” Maybe I was thinking of the writers’ market or even Wall Street. I stand corrected anyway. Sometimes people say, “Laugh all the way to the bank.” Interesting!

    Off the subject but it was a lateral leap. That shows I’m thinking.

    Linda A.


    • Dear Linda, Thanks for writing. Yes, indeed, when other people make fun of their ideas, and they make a humongous amount of money from it, they either “laugh” or “cry” all the way to the bank. Personally, I’d prefer the laughing. But crying has its advantages, too.

      Enjoy Life’s Journey Joan Y. Edwards


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