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Griping by Joan Y. Edwards

James was stuck in the mood of critics. Nothing was right. Nothing was good. Nothing could get him out of this mood.  He griped to the left. He griped to the right. He griped so much he wanted to fight.  He griped in a crowd, he griped all alone. He even griped in the no-griping zone. He griped at the cats. He griped at the dogs. He griped at the alligators with the giant jaws.

At last his griping days were over. He was in the grave with daisies  growing over. When people visited his grave, they griped,  too.  Griping spread out among the people in the town. They set aside a griping corner – the best place to gripe in town. Everyone was allowed 15 minutes to gripe each day and then they had to be on their way.

“Get over it,” said the mayor.

“Get on with your life,” said the commissioner of new business.

“Forgive those who hurt you,” said the minister.

“Look at the bright side,” said the children.

“Be thankf ul for what you’ve got,” said the old woman.

“You can still reach your goals,” said the old man.

“Just ask God for help,” said the minister.

The people in the town took heed of this advice. They prayed to the left and prayed to the right.  Their prayers filled them with hope and love so they didn’t want to fight. They prayed in a crowd, they prayed all alone. They even prayed silently in the no-praying zone. They prayed for the babies. They prayed for the teens. They prayed for the people who were older than jeans.

When at last the townspeople’s days were over. They were in their graves with daisies growing over.  When people visited these townspeople’s graves. They were thankful. Their hearts filled with hope and love.  Before long they had added another corner in their town. It was a thankful corner.  When people went to the thankful corner first, they found they didn’t need to go to the griping corner at all. What a great day it was for the town. They decided to set aside 6:00 p.m. as a special hour each day to celebrate their thankfulness.  It grew to be the largest and the most successful town in the world.


2 Responses

  1. Joan,

    I’m glad the townspeople decided to celebrate their thankfulness. All that griping was wearing me out! What a 360 degree turn around. We can do that if we’re willing to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and let God lead us. That was a powerful Amen Corner.



    • Dear Linda, Thanks for your comment. I liked the name you coined, “The Amen Corner.” There definitely was a whole lot of griping going on. I wish I had thought of the “Amen Corner.” That might have been the perfect ending. Writing the story helped me laugh. I’ve been griping too much lately, especially inside my head. Do something great for yourself today.

      Enjoy Life’s Journey Don’t Give Up – Read my blog –

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