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Make a List of Possible Publishers – Week One (PubSub3rdFri)

Make a List of Possible Publishers – Week One (PubSub3rdFri)

badge for Pub Sub 3rd Fri

Badge for Pub Sub 3rd Fri

Steps for PubSub3rdFri: (Not arranged in weeks)

  1. Make a list of possible publishers for this particular manuscript.
  2. Read the publisher’s guidelines.
  3. Select the publisher you will use.
  4. Fine tune your manuscript – have your writing group or other professional person critique it.
  5. Let your manuscript sit a week without looking at it while you do your cover letter, resume, and proposal.
  6. Write a pitch for your manuscript. Include it in your cover letter.
  7. Write your cover letter and resume.
  8. If necessary, write your proposal. Look for 3 competitive books, list how your book is better.
  9. Reread a hard copy of your manuscript. Make any necessary changes.
  10. Print out your manuscript again. Read it out loud.
  11. If you see any errors, correct them.
  12. Print out the TO GO copy of manuscript, cover letter, resume, and/or proposal.
  13. Put one copy of manuscript, cover letter, resume, and/or proposal in 9×12 envelope, save another copy in a folder called “Submitted Manuscripts.”
  14. Make sure you give your snail mail address, phone number, email address, website, blog.  If email submission, follow their guidelines about attachments or use.
  15. Print out label for 9×12 inch envelope – use address as in publisher’s guidelines.
  16. Put sufficient postage on envelope.
  17. If guidelines ask for a self-addressed stamped envelope. Fix one and enclose it.
  18. Put Pub Sub in snail mail or email on 3rd Fri of the month.

When you submit, whether you submit, early, on-time, or late, print a PUB SUB 3RD FRI  CERTIFICATE to tape on your computer. If you are late, print a RAIN CHECK I’LL SUB IN 7 DAYS  to tape on your computer. You get to take it down when you submit. At the end of the year you should have 12 Certificates to show your accomplishments!

Publishers will have 12 examples of your great writing.

My hope and prayer is that each of us will receive a “YES, I’d like to purchase your manuscript from a publisher.”

Participation Badges for Website, Blog, or Email: Small JPG Badge

Print a certificate Word doc – Reward for Submitting. Fill in your name, name of work and publisher, agent, or contest with date on your certificate.

  1. Fancy Full Color Certificate
  2. Plain Low Color Certificate
  3. Raincheck with letter of encouragement
  4. Just the Raincheck (no letter)

Please feel free to comment below. If you want to sign up to receive emails when I add a new post to my blog, hit reply below and put a check mark in the block.

Do something good for yourself.

Copyright © 2010 Joan Y. Edwards. All rights reserved.


2 Responses

  1. There is a lot of very good infornation here Joan. I have never sent off a book manuscript, only articles, but if I do, this list will come in very handy. Thanks.


    • Dear Megan,
      Thanks for commenting. Thanks for the compliment about the good information. You can submit articles on Pub Sub 3rd Fri. You don’t have to submit books. Articles make great submissions. Having 12 articles out there would be good! I wish you good luck in getting your articles published.


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