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Submit Once a Month (Pub Sub)

Pub Sub

Submit Once a Month (Pub Sub) by Joan Y. Edwards

First online post asking people to join Pub Sub. Updated August 17, 2014.

Today I’d like to see if you’d like to join me in Pub Sub 3rd Fri – Publisher Submission on the Third Friday of the Month.

In essence, I am hoping to get 12 submissions out there with publishers. If there are always twelve of my works out there, I’ll have a better chance of getting work published.

If you have twelve of your works out there, you’ll have a better chance of getting your work published, too.

For one year, I am going to focus on submitting one of my manuscripts to a publisher. It can be a magazine or book publisher.

My writing group joined me in this venture. We aimed for submitting on January 22nd. Two submitted that day. I submitted the next day. Others plan to get their submission in as soon as they can.  I want it to be as natural to submit as it is to write and rewrite. I want it to be as natural to submit to a publisher as it is for us to to submit to our writing.

A friend reminded me that I shouldn’t submit something if it’s not ready. That’s true. You don’t want to send any work that has not been proofed and revised and proofed. However, I have stories that I have revised over twenty times. You probably have, too.

Many of us belong to writing groups and have gotten feedback on stories from these groups.

If you don’t have one ready to send off, give yourself a rain check and get the work submitted later, but get it submitted.

Make sure you follow the publisher’s guidelines. Don’t submit an animal story to a publisher that only does famous people stories. Don’t send single spaced when they want double-spaced. If you are a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, say so in your cover letter.

Editors are not going to come to our computers and look for our work. We have to think enough of ourselves and our writing careers to send off our writing to see if the editors are interested.

The old way of submitting:

You send a manuscript to an editor.

6 months to a year, they send you a card or form letter saying, “NO.”

or they send you a letter or phone you saying, “YES.”

Today it’s different in that you do not get the “NO” in the mail.

However the “YES” still gets sent by letter (snail or email) or you get a phone call.

Just expect the “YES.”

I’ll post articles to remind you about Pub Sub 3rd Fri. They have NaNoWriMo(Novel Writing in a Month) and Picture Book a Day. I thought why not have something for submitting work.

Comment below and let me know if you are going to join me:

Say, “Count me in for Pub Sub 3rd Fri.” Let’s see how many we get to join us.

Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2010 Joan Y. Edwards. All rights reserved.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Joan,

    Count me in. Let’s remember to cut ourselves slack if we submit several things one month and none in others. We can make a goal to average 12 a year. I love the rain check idea, like at the grocery store. Do they still do those?

    Linda A.


    • Dear Linda, Thanks for joining Pub Sub 3rd Fri. Yes, stores still give Rain Checks. And I guess if you do more than one submission in a month, that gives you a coupon to use for the next Pub Sub 3rd Fri. The goal is to have 12 submissions in one year. Thanks for writing. Do something good for yourself today! Writing Books Children Love

      Joan Y. Edwards 704-752-7253 Website: Blog: Facebook: Twitter:


  2. I’m excited about your challenge. Waiting isn’t as painful when you’re working on your next submission.


    • Dear Laura,
      Thanks for writing. You are exactly correct. Waiting isn’t as painful when you’re working on your next submission. Thanks for accepting my challenge. Hurray for Pub Sub 3rd Fri. Do something good for yourself today!


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