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Whimsical Wednesday

Whimsical is an adjective meaning  determined by chance or impulse rather than by necessity or reason according to the following website: http://www.english-test.net/gre/vocabulary/words/262/gre-definitions.php#whimsical/.

Wednesday The day named to honor Wodan (Odin). The Romans called it dies Mercurii, after their god Mercury.


S: (n) Wednesday, Midweek, Wed (the fourth day of the week; the third working day)

In modern times, it is sometimes called “hump” day. If you can make it through Wednesday, you can make it through the rest of the week.

I’m just going to write this and that.

They say that we learn something every day that we live.

Today I learned that Lisa, the lady who does my nails is from a city in Vietnam that has a beautiful beach. In the last ten years, a mall has been built near the beach. People sell vegetables and food at the markets in the mall. They have been building a lot of motels for tourists there. The hotels have swimming pools.  There are not many books for children in America written in Vietnamese.

I wonder why doctors and patients who need canes wouldn’t prefer a walker. A walker is stronger, well-balanced, and can help a person maintain their balance. However, if a person has low electrolytes and/or low blood pressure. They will go on down to the ground with a cane, a walker, or even if they are holding onto two people or two people are holding them up. When those electrolytes go out of the system. Gravity and no energy will probably win out.

I wonder why some restrooms in restaurants are so small that a person with a wheelchair can hardly get into and out of a stall even with someone helping them.  It’s great when buildings have a button to activate a door to open on its own. When I was wheeling my Mother around in her wheelchair, I learned to open the door, use my buttocks to push the door out, and get Mother out without the door shutting on her legs. Sometimes Angels disguised as people would hold the door open for us. This was a small thing for them. It was truly a big thing for me. On behalf of all people who push someone in a wheelchair, “Thanks for holding the door for us.”

Did you know that they have vaseline dressings to put on sores so they won’t stick? You need to change them every two days. They work really well on skin tear sores with the elderly.

Stergis – soaps used in Hospitals and other places to keep germs from spreading is a wonderful product.

I visited another Vietnamese  friend, Judy,  today and saw her baby boy who was 5 weeks old. He was crying because he was hungry. He was beautiful and very long. When I stepped close to the bed to talk with him, he stopped crying and listened to me. He smiled, then about 30 seconds later, he started crying for his food again. I distracted him for a short time, but he kept focused on what he wanted. Food. We need to be like that baby boy…take time to smile, then get down to business getting towards our goals.

Old Lancaster Highway – Polk Street in Pineville has some of the worst potholes in history. They may be noteworthy worldwide. This summer I drove to Virginia, Washington, DC, New Jersey, New York City, Rochester, NY, Pennsylvania, Ohio and  West Virginia. The potholes on the road that goes across Hwy 51 in Pineville (North of Pineville, it’s called South Blvd, then Polk Street, then it changes to Old Lancaster Hwy) had the worst potholes I ran into, over, and through on that trip.

About 10 years ago, in the shopping center at Lebanon Road and Lawyers Road  in Mint Hill, NC I saw a pothole that was about 6 inches deep. I told my husband, Carl, “If you drive into that, it would take a tow-truck to get you out!” The ones in Pineville are not that deep, but they are working on it.

 Check out my website: http://www.joanyedwards.com/ for Children’s Liturgy devotionals, crossword and wordsearch puzzles, and skits. My website has had over 40,000 visitors since 2002.  It’s probably had more than a million hits, but visitors means that they read a page or stayed there longer than 30 seconds. People from most of the states, Scotland, England, Phillipines, Australia, Trinidad have used it.

That’s it for my reporting on Whimsical Wednesday here in Pineville, North Carolina. I hope you enjoyed it. Make a whimsical comment if you like telling me what you learned today.


5 Responses

  1. I like that you have new themes for your days! I’ll look forward to them, my friend. I have that on my blog, too. Different days, different themes. Helps keep me going! 🙂



    • Dear Donna, I must confess that I got the idea from reading your blog. I thought to myself, “Hm. Donna has her blog so well organized with every day a different topic. Can I do that?” I’m not sure I’ll write every day in my blog, but I could do one or two more days a week or just do one of them but a different one every week. I wanted a word that would let me write silly stuff and the word that came to mind was whimsical – so whimsical could be silly or serious or whatever direction my writing takes, such as when a writer is doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and just lets the main character and the others go where they want. I’m pretending I’m the main character and can go where ever I want in this blog on Wednesdays. I hope your day is blessed with love and cheerfulness.

      Writing Books Children Love

      Joan Y. Edwards 704-752-7253 joanyedwards@earthlink.net Website: http://www.joanyedwards.com/ Blog: http://www.joanyedwards.wordpress.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/joanyedwards/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/joanyedwards/


  2. Joan,

    I found your Whimsical Wednesday blog post. I like your idea of pretending to be the main character and going wherever you want with your blog on Wednesdays.

    Linda A.


    • Thank you for commenting, Linda. I am so glad you liked my idea of being the main character and going wherever I want on Whimsical Wednesdays with my blog. I hope you enjoy your Fabulous Friday tomorrow. Last day before Christmas Holidays begin. Hip Hip Hooray!

      Writing Books Children Love

      Joan Y. Edwards 704-752-7253 joanyedwards@earthlink.net Website: http://www.joanyedwards.com/ Blog: http://www.joanyedwards.wordpress.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/joanyedwards/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/joanyedwards/


  3. Cool beans, Joan! Keep up the blogging. Looking forward to more! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!


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