Ask for God’s help

When you are down in the dumps, ask God to help you climb out.

Look through magazines and find something good to write about.

Look through old family pictures.


Set the timer for 30 minutes to feel sorry for yourself.

Pray. Ask God for help.

Take construction paper, scissors, and glue. Make a frame with it.

Draw a picture of you feeling better. Put it inside the frame.

Get a catalog.

Cut out all the pictures that inspire you.


God will never let you down. You will feel better when you take the focus off of yourself and focus on someone or something else.


2 Responses

  1. Good suggestions, Ms. Joan! 🙂

    How are you? How is your hubby?


    • Dear Donna, Thanks for your comments. My hubby, Carl is doing better. He went back to the doctor yesterday. The doctor was very proud of him. He went back to work a full day today. His sugar levels have been normal – between 70-130 the last 4-5 days. That is really good. He was tired and a little down when he came home. He needs lots of prayers of encouragement in the face of what seems to be overwhelming to him at times. Thanks for your prayers, caring, and understanding.

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