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Celebrate Each Step You Make Closer to Your Goal

I am very excited. Yesterday I put a cover letter, a proposal, and the first 3 chapters of my Elder Care Guide: Day-to-Day Survival in the mail to the Editor of Fairview Press.   I started writing this book in 2008 during the National Novel Writing Month of November. I took care of Mother for 14 years. I wanted to share what I learned to help lighten the load for others who are caring for their elders. Mother died on March 18, 2009.

It takes a lot of courage to share your writing. It doesn’t feel good when another person criticizes your writing project, your purchase of a new dress, the way you hang clothes on a hanger, your new recipe for lasagna, the new doghouse you constructed, or the way you changed a flat tire. You may be vulnerable. You may have been tricked into believing that what they say about your writing is true about you, personally. That is not the case. It’s hard to be criticized, unless you have the “I’m okay even if others don’t like what I treasure” attitude. Set your mind up right. Realize that what people tell you or show you is just one possibility. It is one of thousands of possibilities. Use what others tell you as a way to help you get better at what you do.

Whenever I work on the Elder Care Guide, it fills me with tears and smiles. It is difficult reliving the sad moments. It is endearing and happy remembering the good things. All this is a natural part of the grieving process, remembering the good, and accepting the unhappy times. 

I have heard people say that something that keeps driving you to completion is a passion. This Elder Care Guide has a passion all its own. I wake up at night. Feeling restless and antsy, I go to the computer and write a little more. Then, when I am exhausted and can’t think any more. I lie down and sleep. 

Writing may not be your passion. It may not be what you are driven to do. Whatever your passion is love it, treasure it, and take ownership of it. Love what you do. Mother used to say, “I just love living.” That’s a great feeling. She even said that six weeks before she died.

Perhaps your path to this point along the path to your goal was filled with smiles and tears, too. That’s part of the process. This is why you need to celebrate reaching the next step toward your goal.

Today, I celebrated submitting my manuscript by buying a small bag of M & M Peanut candy at the grocery store. I enjoyed each delicious morsel. I also emailed my writing group and my family and friends about it. 

There are endless ways to celebrate your accomplishments. Here are twelve possibilities:

1. Post notes on your refrigerator. You put cool things your children made and accomplished on your refrigerator. Make a sign and post it there for all to see, especially you. It’s really important that you see it. Thirty million people can see it, but if you don’t see how strong you are for continuing on the road to your goal, it’s not as productive.

2. Eat out with family or friends.

3. Take a bubble bath.

4. Call a friend.

5. Buy a biography about a famous person that accomplished what you are trying to do.

6. Help another person get to the same step where you are.

7. Say a prayer of thankfulness to God.

8. Play music and meditate on what your next step will be.

9. Go to a pottery place and paint a clay bowl or animal trinket to remind you of your goal.

10. Put an ad in the paper about your accomplishment. 

11. Make a special offering at church in thanksgiving for what you have accomplished with God’s help.

12. Take time 3 days to rest and have fun before you plunge toward the next step.

Each time you take a step towards your goal, it is very important to celebrate. You plan your celebration ahead of time or do it spontaneously. Just do it. Be sure to celebrate your achievement. Celebrating each achievement gives you a springboard of confidence and commitment to continue diving into the work to complete your mission.

Feel free to forward a link to my blog to your family and friends, if you believe my words might help them. I love helping people empower themselves.

Please leave a comment or question. I’d appreciate hearing from you. Bookmark or make this site a favorite: https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com

Copyright © 2009 Joan Y. Edwards. All rights reserved.


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