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Friends Can Renew Your Spirit and Strength

A great way to renew your spirits is to meet with friends. My husband, Carl and I ate lunch with friends today. It was great. They wanted to hear about my Elder Care Guide and what information it contained. (Another chance to use my 100 word pitch. I should print it out on a 4×6 card and carry it with me. Memorize it. ) They gave me permission to use their names. 

Ashley,  teenage daughter is a drummajor who led the band to achieve honors at a band competition. When it seemed like they weren’t going to win, she encouraged everyone in the band to do their part, to play loud and well. She didn’t give up…she tried to bolster her resources.  That’s what we have to do. Bolster our own resources inside our bodies, minds, and spirits and encourage others around us.

 Chuck, Ashley’s  Dad helped a young man pack his broken down 300 pound scooter in a mini-van and will help him repair it. Whoa! Strength in lifting that. Two people lifting that up! I would like to have such strength. They didn’t give up when it seemed the Scooter couldn’t be lifted and pushed into the vehicle.

Ana, Ashley’s Mother didn’t give up when she thought perhaps her job might be outsourced to a different country. She just kept right on doing a good job. She is working through her fears. When she saw that noone was participating in a program provided at church, she decided to drop that one and start a service at a time when children can come to enjoy it.  Her goal was to have  program to meet the needs of the children.  She is still meeting her goal. However, her plan for achieving it was changed to a different time.

Nancy, Ashley’s  Grandmother volunteers at church and at an elder care facility. Sometimes she helps by giving caregivers of elders a few hours of  time away. What a gift.  She gives freely of her time to help others. I pray that she is many times over blessed for what she does to help others. She also takes a lot of time helping Ashley find activities at church to enrich her spiritual life. Her goal is to help others. 

My point is friends can help you look at things in a different way. They love you and share in your disappointments and your joys. They may offer suggestions, but  sometimes listening to your friends  telling  their life experiences will help you.  They may model behavior you can copy to handle your own  ups and downs in life.  You may take a stand and say, “This roller coaster isn’t going to take me down so far that I throw my whole goal away. No, sir.” 

If your goal happens to be writing, look at your manuscript in a different way.  If you’ve been revising your story on the computer, print it out.  If you’ve printed it out, read it out loud. If you’ve done all of those things, have someone read it.  After a disappointment, give yourself 3 days of mourning, sadness, disappointment, then get on with it.  Go forward with new plans and new vim, vigor, and vitality. 

What you do is by talking to others and doing fun things, you will figure out what your next step will be toward your goal.

Do fun things. Read. Pray. Sing. Watch a movie. Visit with friends. Take a walk in the park. THINK. I CAN DO THIS. I CAN DO THIS.  You may not be going down the same road you went before. However, it will lead you to your goal.

If you decide you don’t want the goal you set before. That’s okay. Just make sure you’re dropping this because you do not want it. Not because you think you can’t achieve it.

EMPOWER YOURSELF.  Celebrate what you have accomplished in your life right now. There are so many things that you have done that another person would never dream of trying.  In other words, count your blessings.  What you are thankful for, you will receive more of.

Have a great day, you deserve it.

Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2009 Joan Y. Edwards. All rights reserved.


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